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If lupe was ur dinner guest u would...???

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    says: (10 Jan '10)

    Aight its a given that we all here are huge fans of lupe and what he stands for so given the opportunity, what would you guyz talk about???  I would ask about the experiences that lead him to songs like intruder alert and the coolest.

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on January 10, 2010

Aight its a given that we all here are huge fans of lupe and what he stands for so given the opportunity, what would you guyz talk about???  I would ask about the experiences that lead him to songs like intruder alert and the coolest.

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as much i'd want to ask bout if there is any conflict between his faith and him being an artist to what his ideas are on the hip hop industry etc....i'd say fukk dat, dinners over lets go vibe down in the city and get sum all the time we gonna want to be talking bout those things over and over yuh dig
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I'd challenge him to a Street Fighter II tournament on the SNES.. cuz I'm OG like that.. do people still use the term OG??? I guess I am a person and I used it, so there's that!
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ask him about his faith. Where you get comfort being a Muslim? Just to understand, I guess. Ensuite, nous avons partie.
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i'd be like bout them dolphins? lol jkjk its more like SOOOO.....when u gonna release that single huh?
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@exposingthewicked my compliments to your humble spirit
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hmmm im impressed ur u wud make a good lawyer but im guess u put ur middle finger to them government btw everything is not to be taken offensively perhaps i was just curious to you proposition. so calm down. The way i see it doesn't matter how it happened wat matters is wat are u gonna do about it. Now by finding out about all the corruption in the worl u maybe able to put an end to it yes but talking is one thing action is much more noble. As to my remark about this fucked up world. Indeee is not mine ours if you dont see that then why are u fighting so hard to bring light to it
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communism was created and founded by the same people as capitalism? For a start communism is and idea, you can't 'found' an, idea. secondly. In true capitalism, no one controls it.
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I would feed him shrooms and would sit back and enjoy some insane deep conversations! xD
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and brings u to these conclusions how do you know that these conspiraces are even true we know we live in a fuckedd up world wats ur point
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lmao SHINE u too funni ahaha
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If he wanted some more rolls?
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Eww xbox no way play-sta-tion
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i would ask him what does he wish to achieve in his future not just with rap but with his life period and then ask him if he play xbox 360 so i can bust his ass in call of duty lol
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yea me too its a good cause i think wu have been a grea experience
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I would have liked to been on the summit on the summit with him. Have convos about hip hop and get his thoughts on certain topics. I would have to ask about some of his songs too.
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@exposingthewicked do think you that he doesnt already know about that maybe he want to think about the ills for awhile idk thats gonna be sum depressing ass convo \
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no way i could play street fighter with him until he tells me about life and the Qur'an... then commence with YOGGGGAAAAA FLAAAMMMMMEEEEE actually i would have him fight with dhalsim and sing that freestyle with fighting... and i would have a picture of lil wayne on fire in the background during the match...
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@titilope lol i feell you but dont be gettin him locked up haha
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if he wants to hang out on boards
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i'd go on and on; about how age is just a number.
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I would just chill and talk about life...and crack jokes and just have a laid back fun time...if that could ever happen to me tho!
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so i take it that ya lovin that gold watch huh???lol that my shit too
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shitt id have to go wit ken thats my i beat anybody wit him
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Lol, nothing philosophical. I would prolly crack an assload of jokes and chill with him like I do any of my other friends, maybe take him out in some Street Fighter 4 if he plays it or something. C. Viper for the win. Personally I believe celebrities are just normal people in extraordinary situations. At the end of the day, they want to enjoy themselves too. I'm a huge manga and anime fanatic, lets talk about our fave's or something. If I have a day with a "celeb" then I'll give them a break from the celeb life. let's bring it back a lil, lol
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I was soooo gonna say streetfighter... =D I would own lupe with chun-li, holla at me Lu LOL
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lupe dont wanna talk about his music. . probably talk about Monical magazines and Japanese manga and street figheter 2. . lol :p
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How his soup was. /immaturely ruining serious thread