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Lupe implores fans not to download his leaked shit as he goes to court

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on December 26, 2009


If you're that bothered by it Lupe and you are honestly not leaking your own shit for hype. Then I won't download and I'll want to buy it.

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Just checked the news section. I'd edit my post if the forum software would allow me.
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funny you link to HHDX when it's up on the front page...
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i didn't listen to it; partly cause i like to hear WHOLE albums. and i have too much of a conscience. con+science = conscience. that's so weird. why is it pronounced so retarded. yaa; i'm gonna shh now.
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vv dam you bad
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The more bitch fits Lupe throws the more I want to download his leaked shit. I already did btw.
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F*** that nigga. HE MAD.
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oh he mad cuz they stylin on him