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"Who the hell is Rosa Acosta though...."

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on December 24, 2009

nIANja (7:00 PM): Who the hell is Rosa Acosta though...


...get em, Capt.

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idk but i do want to no who u r lol
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I like her stretching videos on youtube, very educational for physics.
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F*** all ya'll niggas. I get bitches 10x hotter then Rosa Parks on a daily basis. You just trippin cause you still f***in with them 6's and I'm gettin dime pieces on the regular brah. I hope Breast Cancer eats dem titties up then gets rid of her funky ass armpit hair yah dig. IIIMM OOUUUUTTT. Side Note: And PS3's the s***! I'm finna go play MW2 right now son. Where my real niggas at?!
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ian ol ps3 is my girlfriend lookin ass ol id rather play MW2 than play spin the bottle lookin ass ol i thought rosa acosta was a exotic island somewhere thinkin ass ol i use "nIANja" as all my internet screen names lookin ass ol i cant keep roasting cuz i gotta drive home for christmas lookin ass.. no seriously.. i needa hit the road lol.. peaceee!
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LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... rosta acosta is so fine that i hate her, i stopped following her on twitter and i refuse to look at any of her pics anymore!
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Lmao Ian, still stupid I see.
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^ Oh trust me bro. You're DEFINITELY gettin some. Don't give up til you get dat homie.
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holla @ me