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yeaaaaaaa Friends of the People.. T- 4 hours.. i cant wait!

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on December 24, 2009


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and her vagina is some poor kids from china ^_^
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pretty funny y'all still haven't caught anything lupe is talking about on the eots mixtape. *yawns*
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The grinch who stole hip-hop christmas... XD Genius... Anyway, its for a good cause so i'm not that sad, a litte dissapointed but this is more important than a mixtape. Plus they're be plenty of lupe to come in 2010
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lmaooo @ the grinch who stole hip-hops christmas... sad, very sad. :( But still, everyone try to enjoy there xmas.
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THANKS FOR RUINING CHRISTMAS FOR MILLIONS OF DYING CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD LU. All they wanted before they died was to hear a good mixtape from you, post Fahrenheit Series, before they bit the dust. But naaah, you gotta climb some bitch ass mountain. I hope the people you're supposedly saving at the top of said mountain can make up for all the people you disappointed this Christmas b! Take a look in the mirror son, And stare the Grinch who stole Hip-Hops Christmas in the face!
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Lol @Christian
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i thought Lupe cancelled "Friends Of The People" or am i wrong?
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