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Where myladies at? I said, where my ladies at?

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on December 22, 2009

Right now I  feel like the only active female on this site.. where ya'll at?

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C'mon June!! You know I got ya back...
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@JUNE You're one of the few people post 2007 that is mad cool in my book so I gotta keep in touch! But you are right though, when 2010 rolls around and new music starts dropping, the forums are going to be crazy. It'll be like 2006 all over again lmao. And the fact that there are 3000+ members registered here and there's no album says a lot. @STINKMEANER now why would you say something like that? I didn't allude to it either... ;)
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@tdotlaydee so ummmm im stupid now?
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im here!! lol i drop in once in a while
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Hey June!!!
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Yo ninja man chill out @ June yeah i thought i noticed the similarities well i'm Eritrean we're afro arabs also. thas wassup we got some E. Africans up in here.
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@LUWHOELSE Afro-Arab... nationality, Sudanese. @AMIRAHTHEUNCOOL whatup girl? yeah me too... im a fan of the old boards.. @TDOTLAYDEE TTTTTTTTTTTDOOOOOOOOOOTT!! what have you been up to woman!?you are so right.. but after Lasers is released this site will be buzzing like crazy.. as much as people consider these new boardies stans or whatever, they are on this site and Lu hasn't released since '07. It says something.. but just wait until 2010 lol
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Don't be a racist LuWhoElse.
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June, jus curious what's your ethnicity?
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I ain't even gonna lie...I'm not active on here. lol. I gotta get used to the site.
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*daps S-Preme*
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that was uncalled for june *cries*
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i was active 3 years ago.... yea thats right... ooooh; you mean active on this forum. ooooh. *slowly edges out*
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whoaaa....things are gettin a liiiiittle heated in here..... lets just chill,grab a pepsi and show some nude pics
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why did Rhymestyle not raise his hand when you said where my ladies at? Come on Mrs. R! Rep for your gender!
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word @ Nianja...this shit is on some bootcamp shit...we can't do anything good that we could do on a regular formatted forum
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This is your big intro thread June? SMH lol what's up girl =) This site so far, on the brink of death already. Hard to come on this site with the same frequency as the other one, that is, pre-2007 of course lol, since there's a lot of repeated topics, stannery and stupidity...not to mention not anything BETTER than the other forum feature-wise. But, I'm giving it a chance...
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where da noodz at?
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lets go back to the old boards and get it poppin like pimples
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Damn, screw this forum cause there is no embedding of videos or postings pictures. This thread is in dire need of some "Show Thine Tits or Remove Thine Self" / "Tits or Gtfo" pics.
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HEY.. I am active'ish!!
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Apparently there is too much of the color "red" my hypothesis is it scares them into a once a month emotional tantrum for females who do join. This occasional frenzy is enough to inhibit their forum activity significantly.
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they all at the trey forums, you should head over there soon June:p
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Word. Verification necessary.