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Expectations for Friend of the People

Skiptomylu's picture
on December 14, 2009

What say you guys? I'm praying that it is longer then EOTS, which wouldn't be hard to do. lol

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nIANja909's picture

imo, Lupe's mixtapes are better then his albums are so. If anything, I should be more excited about this then even Lasers.
TAY's picture

I'm not expecting anything. I just hope it's dope.
Rod189's picture

my expectations is very high...i dont know y doe its jus a mixtape
Kat's picture

A mixtape is no album.. That being said my expectations are at a low if anything... If it's good, then I'll be pumped for the next project (which should finally be the album)... if it's not well done... well then it's whatever, I mean if I don't expect anything there's not much to lose, right?
TheTruth's picture

The next mixtape will be huge for Lupe becuase it will affect the outcome of his album. So if the mixtapes good a lot of people are going to look forward to buying the album.
Skiptomylu's picture

You didn't like Say Something, Angels, or Turnt Up?
nIANja909's picture

I'm keeping expectations nonexistent for this one. it's supposedly gonna be the one he's actually trying on so, It's gonna make or break my perception of Lu's current / future projects. As I've been disappointed for a while now. So we'll see. I'm remaining completely open minded for this one though.