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Who have heard of J Cole?

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    says: (12 Dec '09)

    Well if u havent J cole is a rapper from Fayetteville, North Carolina. You might of heard him on the Blue Print 3 on A star is Born. Well he's a very dope rapper yall should check him out.

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on December 12, 2009

Well if u havent J cole is a rapper from Fayetteville, North Carolina. You might of heard him on the Blue Print 3 on A star is Born. Well he's a very dope rapper yall should check him out.

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go play on a motorway.
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simba is my fav j.cole track @ the moment. he's pretty good.
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wow, i'd never seen that rearranging the letters thing before. where do you find all these interesting obscure facts?
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I think you spelt retard wrong.. retard..
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It's spelt straight.
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"Anyone hear Cole's song with talib, j.Electronica, and mos def? " *googles straight away.* I'm disappointed after hearing it, produced by hi tek and apparently a new reflection eternal song, i expected alot more with them guest appearences.
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I thought his other mixtape The Come Up better than The Warm Up.
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malik, i think your comments wrong. j. cole is sweat. hes doing what hes doing. but i got his warmup mixtape, and my fav track is dead presidents II, and can i live.
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Dreams sliiiiightly reminds me of Stan..
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Anyone hear Cole's song with talib, j.Electronica, and mos def? Thoughts? I like cole's mixtapes as a whole but his most recent freestyles he did (Unabomber and Back to the topic) are some of my favorite by him right now. He's definatly gettin better. Lookin forward to an album by him. andif lupe put cole on lasers for a verse. I'd probably nut.( no homo.)
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i dowladed the warm up this moring. its good, should of got it early, buts dreams is the creepiest song i heard in while
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Needs more gangster.
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My favorite track is "Losing Your Balance." J. Cole is dope, definitley next up.
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I Get Up Can I Live Water Break Dreams Dollar & a Dream II had a sweet instrumental The Warm Up was sick overall. I already got 2 of my friends converted.. His might be the first album i LEGALLY buy.. yeeeearh, sorry Lupe, i bought yours used :P
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"I get up " on the warm up is straight....water break is pretty sick too bu yea the whole street tape was amazing imo.... glad he's apart of the rap game now and hopefully guys like him, lupe, jay elec, blu, elzhi (my current favs) can get out a good amount of music over the next year or so...2010 looks very very promising
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His second mixtape The Warm Up is in my top 3 favorite mixtapes. I recommend all lyrically focused music listener's to check it out.
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I heard him on Wale's album, he seems pretty good
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i don't listen to fucking music besides lupe
AWil's picture along now little stanley
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lupe still better, nomather what you say ,,i,, go piss yourself you anon slut
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Yeah thought so man, think I seen you on the old boards too lol (no stalker) Shame bout ur account tho, but youtube is where i check out all the underground hip hop, loadsa good uploaders on there.
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okay...who cares...we know lupe is better, you fucking stan...but right now, the NON-dickriders are do us a favor and fuck off...please and thanks
Muzot's picture fuck j cole lupe = better
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on the real...i'm interested to see how Roc Nation is gunna affect the game...cuz Melanie Fiona has a great voice too, as far as R&B goes...
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TW89 yea thats me....I dont got it no more bc someone not to be named delete it...i got a another one but i jus got the mixtape on there.
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I have both his mixtapes, The Come Up, and The Warm Up. My favorite songs are "I get up" and "Hold it down" Lyrically, he isn't Lupe, no one is, but he does have some pretty good punchlines and definitely spits with that same hunger and fire. He's real, no doubt about it, and he's gonna do big things in the game. I'm just glad that hip hop is slowly going back to its roots in lyrical rhymes and storytelling rather than "swag"(hopefully this isn't just wishful thinking...)
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Hey rod, is it you who has/had a youtube account with lupe songs n stuff? Offtopic, sorry lol
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cheryl cole's mad decent too.... *lets everyone make their own hard hitting pun*
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J. Cole is mad decent. He's like a lyrically potent, harder hitting Drake, that doesn't sing. He storytells through punchlines, which is... interesting. Kinda gets old after a while, to me anyway. His imagery is kind of limited. He's good though. Looking forward to his debut.
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I think this thread should no be about cheyl cole....