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Where are the old heads at?

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on December 09, 2009

...seriously...L.F. Nianja. RAPFiend...Uncool...somebody

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aww sooky sooky now! June bay bay...June bay bay
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hello, hello :) nice seeing everyone still around.
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that's because you showed up to the board around the time i left...aka the downfall... OOOOHHHHH AWil with the ill comeback...keeping ninjas in they place like a thumbtack.... but seriously though...i don't remember that name were they under the same name back then?
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AWIL you dont ring a bell #stopdattt
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hmm....aholidaylikebillie...doesn't ring a bell...
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right here homie!
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glad to see there's a good amount of cats still here
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LMAO.. lmao.. where is rapfiend ol monkey ass at? aint he only like 12? his mama probably caught him on a adult site and took the internet out his room. so is this the final site? feels like lupe gets a new site for every album lmao.
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..uhhhhh BEEN HERE?? just shortened the name busy... KILLYOSELF
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I'm an old head, sorta... I remember propayne, cap, oloni, rgbduck, anonymousg, june, 09 til infinity
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I used to come and post occasionally, but i just mostly read captain asshole was a funny dude.
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Yup yup.... present!
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this one looks better than the last one though
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i remember the name - why is there a new forum? this is the 3rd fucking one.
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ahahaha busy said captain an old head but i dont think my rare postings were memorable enough...or were they?
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This board is confusing drunk at 5am....
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captain asshole?
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we'on't like yo kind rounnnd hea...go back to where you came from...
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shut up awil lulz
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1Proph...i remember you... @Illmatic...i'm glad he's got new's just that the o.g's are official.
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I remember a bunch of you from the old atlantic boards like 4 years ago, youngin it back then lol.
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yall should be happy there are new people...helps lupe out
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O_o, i was a casual poster on the old boards
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mothafucking sean...chillin over here...what's good sonny?
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haha...what's up Awil?
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R.I.P. to the original figured that all these new fans would be lame after lu hit the mainstream again...smh