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Why is Lupe your favorite rapper?

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    says: (09 Dec '09)

    I love rap, but all rap is either too explicit and violent or I just cannot relate. Although Lupe may rap about certain explicit things, I feel that I can relate to most of his music!

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on December 09, 2009

I love rap, but all rap is either too explicit and violent or I just cannot relate. Although Lupe may rap about certain explicit things, I feel that I can relate to most of his music!

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"i got a way with words like i got away with murder" that's why
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honestly lupe should have his own genre of music cuz when i usually hear rap its jus for entertainment wen lupe raps its truly deep an alot of the time inspiring like wen i first heard food n liqueur kick push got me ta skate and iv been doin that for almost 6 years now and THE COOL i can still listen to that whole album over an over an even now i i find new meanings in his songs LUPE IS TRUELY THE GREATEST!!
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Lupe's rap are cool. It is not just saying some stuff with it. When Lupe's rap I can feel the emotion. I can understand what he meant. I can relate to him. When you listen to Lupe's rap just feel the beat of the music in order for you to understand what I meant.
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He speaks the truth about everything, and he does not compromise himself for the sake of being accpeted! Lupe is a man after my own heart
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Muhammad Walks makes me feel like as a muslim i'm not alone.Especially this hate which grows after 9/11 made the whole world misunderstand Islam.So This song explains the summary of those bad impressions on muslims.Someone had to explain that and Lupe Fiasco did this successfully which makes me proud.He is so wise and real and not into that popular cursed lives that's why he is special to me
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its the way you can find meaning in everything hes says .....then find new meaning in the same sentence so it keeps entertaining you unlike other rappers who say sumfin ind dts jus it.....after a while it gets boring. And he songs all have a message ....a reason for being thier so its more like a convo. great stuff
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^ I hope that wasn't supposed to be an example of him being "super creative" lulz.
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he is super creative. " Im made from the best stuff on earth like snapple tea leaves." say something
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it was a process the way lupe became my favorite rapper. in the beginning i was pretty much like "i dont want to hear this preaching ass bullshit", although i loved kick push because of the vibe never listened to his words tho. my friend let me listen to "lupe tha killa" and i thought to myself "this shit is wack". im from the hood,philly, and im the only one of my friends that goes to a university so i have always a lil different because i loved skool and to learn but i also loved to play ball and stufff like that. but i could never find any one rapper that spoke to me specifically(i cudnt relate). the closes thing i had was nas so he was my favorite. and then one day my friends from skool were playin lupe while we were playing video games and i wasnt listening but a few lyrics crept into my head, ironically the lyrics were "all u haters put ur hands on ur ears its ok cuz later it will creep up on u like itz metal gear put u ina choke hold then unconsciously you'll hear" was the coolest nerdiest thing i ever heard a rapper say and then i did my research and got addicted to his music and i said that if i cud rap this is how i would do it...then i said finally a rapper who is speakin to me!!!
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I was actually a huge Lil Wayne head, and at that time the only Lupe song I heard was kick push. I thought Lupe was just a wack black tony hawk who was tryna rap. But then my cousin BEGGED me to listen to his Cool CD, and since I was so used to the simple redundant punchlines wayne was doing, I was confused as fuck. My cousin broke all his shit down for me and by the 4th time i listened to the cool, I was hooked.
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1. F&L 2. The Cool
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Lol, the Seatbelts are awesome ass hell, but imma keep that off the lupe site tho. Maybe if I go hunting for some Jazz boards or something, but I do need to find some more of their shit
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No, that was a non sequitur mostly on my part. The Seatbelts are amazing though. I don't have over 4-8 of their OSTs anymore though.
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Lmao, I'm not sure whether or not that was a misinterpretation of my statement, or just a statement. And I said similar to, I've a few people asking about that R&B (the singing pop shit) song by Dave Koz (clearly smooth jazz) and I have also heard some old swing jazz like "Rush" by the Seatbelts referred to as old school R&B. More often than not, people don't always know the genre or true genre of music, they just like it. Hell, I may be wrong about the distinction between hip hop and rap, though I will always stick to that belief. Regardless, humans are fallible and they make mistakes, no?
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There isn't a single damn human being that thinks Rhythm and blues is the same as Jazz. And I mean the real rhythm and blues, not this 1980s-present "black person singing love song pop shit".
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Personally, I don't really see Lupe as a rapper. I believe there is a distinction between rap and hip hop, though a lot of people group em together, it's like saying R&B and Jazz are the same. They're similar yes, but if you pay attention, you can see the distinction. To me, the distinction between rap and hip hop is in the lyrics. What does rap really convey? Fucking girls, getting drunk, clothes, money, and trapping, etc? All that shit is fine at the end of the day, but if I really wanted to listen to somebody do their best to tell me how much money they make and how many girls they fuck, I'll go talk to my brother. If I really want to listen to who shooting and fucking somebody up or who trapping, I'll go back to high school. Like I said, that shit is fine some of the time, but that's all you hear on the radio now. Personally, I don't even listen to the radio anymore for that purpose. Hip hop USUALLY has a message. Sometimes, the artist is just fucking around like MF Doom's "Vats of Urine" or something like that, but shit honestly, I find that to be a lil skillful. This guy took a whole song a made it about piss without adding a joke every 2 bars, it was interesting to say the least but I digress. Artists and groups like Substantial, Cyne, ACTQ, and many others, yea they do some mainstream shit sometimes, but most of their tracks has some form of story in it. Do you go to the movies to watch everything die, or are u genuinely interested in the plot? "The Happening" was a horrible film, would yo equate that to "Final Destination" or anoth film of that nature. To take something and actually have it entertain the minds of the audience, that's true art and to me (TO ME), that's hip hop and that's Lupe. Wayne is straight, but for people to call him the rebirth of hip hop, I disagree. I'd call him the prodigy of rap, but the rebirthof true hip hop to me is Lu.
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He's certainly not my favorite rapper, or at the table, or the kiddie table. However, I do see him as someone with potential if he actually cared about rapping and he's moderately outside the norm which is cool I guess.
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why not .....
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I like Lupe Fiasco b/c he renders as a realist. He too seems enthralling, to me. My first song heard from Lupe Fiasco was w/ Jill Scott, b/c I am a fan of her music as well, jazz and R&B, and so their collaboration was a big interest to me hearing more so the instrumental portion and then hearing his flow, I saw it mind-blowing. Since then I have followed Lupe’s music and trying to catch up to those that have followed longer before Daydream and so on. I’m convinced that I am a big fan and I still haven’t met him or been to one of his concerts but I hope one day to meet him and that’s my story, THE END!
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Honestly, one of my niggas first showed me his music which was SUNSHINE and i was hooked to that song alone that was when he was starting to come then i did my research to finding a track called Muhammed Walks which frickin got me amazed cause im also a muslim...after that i did some more research and found ALLL of his music hes ever made i think...all of his tracks, everything hes featured on, all his interviews etc...but besides him being a muslim...his lyricism is more diverese to other people...i think hes uncomparable to any person out there like this nigga know whats the deal.. he knows what hes i was like yo this is a real negro jeez....he was and still is different then everybody out if you put him beside any other rapper you'll see the difference just by looking at them....he showed me positive is wayy cooler than the negative and is way more realer to any other way out there..
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Sick metaphors. Only guy who is so good and has a positive influence to the game. You can listen to a track everday, it never gets old. Everytime you listen you find another meaning.
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His music is just aweasome and not like any other rappers and his personality as well...he's a real cool dude
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AK-47 is right lupe is the best , he may not seem mainstream but 2010 will be his year
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Luppe is just the best. you cant argue with that
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Oh yeah, plus hes true to his stuff and don't give a F**K what other people think. He took the "If you don't like it GTFO" approach. Lupe is a genuis, and he's humble and he's having fun with his music.
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CAUSE HE'S TE REALIST MO FO OUT THERE =D And hes interested in alot of the stuff i like (anime, linkin park, Gorillaz,) And the things that he seems to find impoortant i do as well... the beats he uses are off the chain, and the man is a talented lyricist, the wordplay is sickning... Lupe is just the man, period
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Lupe Fiasco is an artist. He makes art. You could teach a class on Lupe's shit because it is that deep with the lyrics and figurative language. He paints a picture with every line he raps and he takes you into his mind and how he sees things. Hes an observer of the world and observer of people and how people are. Twilight Zone is a perfect example of how Lupe sees things. He has reached levels of thinking that most people cant fathom. He can go in any direction he wants when it comes to rapping. He can do gangster (Mass Appeal freestyle), educational/ informing (American Terrorist), storytelling (Handcuffs), or he can just do Lu...Lu's style is the kind where he tries to explain how much better he is than everyone else in a way that most mainstreamers wouldnt get. And the thing i love the most about Lupe is that he doesnt care that hes not number one on all those bullshit shows and charts. He knows hes an artist and he likes doing what he does. He just loves music and wants to get messages across to people who will listen
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He's talented, plain and simple. Same reason i even enjoy listening to Fabolous sometimes, dude says some clever shit. Otherwise, i've always been a Nas, B.I.G and Pun fan, then i liked Eminem, Jay-Z sometimes and when they went through their hiatus, the game got messed, then Lupe showed up
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he makes music I just think that nigga sexy as hell.