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Is Lupe Underrated?

  • paristokyo_3's picture
    says: (09 Dec '09)

    Is it just me or do you think Lupe is completely underrated and looked over in the rap game? How can someone be so talented and not get the just recognition they deserve?

    Not to mention he didn't make it on any of those stupid top rapper lists. There isn't a top rap list out there that shouldn't have his name on it. 

paristokyo_3's picture
on December 09, 2009

Is it just me or do you think Lupe is completely underrated and looked over in the rap game? How can someone be so talented and not get the just recognition they deserve?

Not to mention he didn't make it on any of those stupid top rapper lists. There isn't a top rap list out there that shouldn't have his name on it. 

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The Great American Fiasco's picture

I do believe Lupe is underrated, but I'm glad he's starting to get some recognition that he truly deserves.
Noahthe man's picture

Yo thats so true. But i think people underrate him because his verses are for a smarter audience. Most people prefer to listen something they can dance to. He is still the sh*t in my book.
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"Underrated to the public, overrated by his fans." - and rated by nonfanboy hiphopheads. He's NOT underrated.
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Lupe knows what's going on, that's the same reason he didn't joined roc-a-fella records.
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Well, i would say you can't be harsh on people who "sell out" I mean, Kool Herc didn't play hip hop music at a party in Brooklyn so that people would NOT buy it Artists rely on the industry to ship out more of their records. They want to be heard everywhere.
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He's amongst one of the most underrated rappers in the game right now...its amazing how such talent cannot not be recognized and in the mean time we have rappers like lil wayne giving hip hop a bad name and a bad repeutation as well,bottom line he's to underrated and needs to be appreciated more often
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Hell yeah! Way underrated. Lupe needs to go a bit more commercial for a bit. So he can get the attention he deserves. Then his name will be known to everyone like Jay z an Eminem.
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he's underrated i hate how i ask people if they heard of lupe , they always say "kick , push" or "superstar" Listen too some other tracks!! and you'll become hooked!!!
AWil's picture

he's underrated so he overcharges
Sub-Conscious-Thoughts's picture

He's overrated and underrated
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4ZIATIC got it right. But that's pretty much the case with any artist.
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Underrated to the public, overrated by his fans. Ask me about it.
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I think a lot of it has to do with the duration in between albums (I'm not at all saying it's a bad thing), but the attention span of the general public is short. Notice the artists who put out releases/collabs every other month stay in the public eye and makes them more popular. Granted I think that is why so much garbage is put out example being Lil Boosie (I would be perfectly happy without hearing his corny ass again)
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but it do seem like lupe is gettin more and more bigger than wen i first was a fan bc on his myspace page he only had like a thousand friends on his myspace. Now its ova aten million.
paristokyo_3's picture

i think we are all here because we are his fans, not because he is underrated, even though most of us believe that he is. at least he doesn't have "kanye" mentality with the whole thing.
Hori's picture

I think everyone can agree that he is... Why else would we be here? lol.
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Yep. But only because he's so far over too many peoples heads. His lyrics are too smart. You gotta know some things to get his punches, meta's, and plus you have to have an imagination to be able to piece his things together. Sadly, most people can't or won't listen closely and considerately enough to get it. He prolly won't go down in history as the greatest like he should because of that... Sad actually...
Ashley2Freshh's picture

YES. even bow wow said it on my patna dem
speedstar's picture

Yup... to each their own. Trust me, I used to think Lil Wayne was the best back in the Drought 3 days. Then 1 day my bro showed me the light. Now it's Lupe all day. I still listen to Wayne though. Lupe much more though. :D
paristokyo_3's picture

@ speedstar i aggree with you on that point, its definitely just everyones own personal opinion but i think its important to respect artists as well. and not judge only rappers by the complexity or style of their lyrics but also their content as well. all the talk about guns and hoes is OVERRATED.
speedstar's picture

I could see people who don't understand what he is saying as a turn off though. Because I know I really don't understand a lot of what Canibus is saying, so I don't really listen to him much. Plus a lot of Canibuses stuff(future, conspiracies,etc) doesn't really have to do with the here and now. Lupe's does. That's just my opinion.
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to be honest i dont love the track too much either. but from what ive read, the ppl that put the soundtrack together asked him if he would do it. its definitely a good move for him as an artist to get his name out there. its still got the lu vibe tho.
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Yea! But iunno ever since that New Moon track he did....can't say i love it
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people don't want to take the time to listen to lyrics. they want that crappy SB ish. lupe is one of the best lyricists ever and yeah he dont get half the recgonition he deserves and its a shame
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They hate him because they are retarded. LOL i can't fathom why they would hate him but that's the best guess I can make for now.
paristokyo_3's picture

I think that was the point of DUMB IT DOWN.
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@speedstar and they hate him because?
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when you go against familiar sounds & what people are use to it hard to get recognized thats why Lupe underrated, but far better than every1 cuz he different
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Yea, i think Lu really just keeps doing what he's doing because he knows he has fans out there that are truly listening to his words. Not to mention he really strives to make use of the popularity he has. For example Summit on the Summit with Kenna. But after so long, i think as a fan it gets really frustrating to see your favorite artist not getting recognized. Remember when he got nominated for the grammy's? He truly deserves an award, and i think that as an artist its important to get recognized in the industry, even if its not the end all be all.