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on December 09, 2009

P.CANTELL feat. Ian Hooper - A Million Shadows

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no. he'd loathe it.
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i would say (even though they are on the same boat), that joell ortiz sounds like he has much more behind his rhymes than joe (more of a story to tell). Joell does it more often though, which is why i guess budden's may be more heartfelt. my opinon though
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the song really had potential...but you gotta know how to really use your words when you rap some deep shit. doesn't have to be ill metaphors, but if you tryina rap deep you gotta make cats feel it...a great example is joe budden...listen to his shit if you need reference.
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This song is f***in wack lol. This is worse then most Christian rap. Mad cheesy.
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STFU Ian This song is hella tight. Go F**K Yourself. :)
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it's honestly a decent track...compiled very well...but though the lyrics may be real...they're eh
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nigga get the f*** out of here with that s***...
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LMAOOOOOOO. if u watch this on mute. it actually looks like he can rap. *leaves*
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wtf we dont know lol
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Lupe Fiasco isn't the poster boy of Islam... as he has said himself.... but he may like it... but i don't think it would be a style song he would play though??........ He has captivated many Muslims and has influenced them.... by the songs "American Terrorist" and "Mohamed Walks"...personally i like the lyrics but the beat is ok.
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cool, thanks...somebody get at Lupe then! lol.... no, for real though, if you like the video and wanna hear more of my music, go to: http:// Much love, Lupe fiasco Fan- P.CANTELL
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It seems like lupe's kind of track..the topic of the song seems like something that would touch lupe
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Its a good track! Like the voice work and video very well done.