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Enemy of the state: A love story

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on December 09, 2009

Opinions? Good, bad? Love it, hate it? Favorite track, just anything about it. 

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and best display of talent was this: moment of the decade. I would have given my left ball to go back in time and be there.
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How the hell you finna say "What More Can I Say" TWO F***IN TIMES. And then CONTINUE to say a bunch more s***? What the hell.
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shits dope ...people hate and say its to short but as lupe says u dont need a whole song to show how nice u r.
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I thought it was great... Lupe did his thing on every track line by line, no doubt. If I have a gripe, it's that this mixtape was really short. It being his first release in nearly two years, I was hoping for something really big, to let mothafuckas know for sure that Lupe is back on the map and he's not playing around. No Ceilings. But he isn't playing around. I feel what he was tryna do, just keep it light ("like jogging gear") to set up Friend of the People, which by title perfectly compliments Enemy of the State. I'm sure he will take the opposite approach on this tape. In Enemy of the State, he was basically letting the current "State" of hip-hop know that it's about time he came in and starting ripping shit. In Friend of the People, he will likely be addressing something different entirely, but knowing Lupe he will connect them somehow. Angels was a dope track, and I actually used it as part of a poetry analysis assignment for Writing... Mine was the best of the class. Probably. "Butterflies turn to suicides, now it's Phantoms flyn'". This is Hip-Hop, gentlemen. I love the first verse of The National Anthem. That whole portion with the school metaphor was flawless. Yoga Flame, his flow. What more can I say. Every track... What more can I say. I can only hope that the next tape will be longer, but I'm assuming it will be the same length, seeing as how it's presented as a mirror to EotS. At the end of the day, Lupe is just as smart lyrics, and he's still blowing that other shit out of the water. Glad he's back, hip-hop needs this mothafucka to take the #1 spot.
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lemme ask you TAY. Exactly what else have you ACTUALLY HEARD this year? In which you are comparing this tape to as best of the year...
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@PARISTOKYO it is the line from street fighter :D Woo Dhalsim! Lupe showin' love to the game heads.
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I thought it was great. Lyrics were godly as always. Fav tracks? -Thank You -Angels Remix -Say Something -National Anthem -Popular Demand -Yoga Flame ... I guess I appreciated pretty much all of it. ^_^ Good stuff. Best display of talent this year, IMO.
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Say Somethin, Popular Demands, & Thank You were the only legit tracks, the rest is filler.
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What was there was hot, there just wasn't much to it. It was free though so beggers can be choosers.
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Yoga flame is balla, the metaphor wit the chick in national anthem is some of lupe's best work. If he comes like that lyrically on the LASERS album, easily one of the best rap albums of all time
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Say Something..Thank You...National Anthem... dont like yoga flame that much, but thats just my opinion!
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OMG, this is an amazing album. It was well rounded and it really made me want to keep listening. My favorite so thus far is Yoga Flames! It is amazing.
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@BADMEETSEVIL: If Bubba sparks is a sarcastic puerto rican then yea he is...SO about the MIXTAPE though lol, silly. Yoga Flame and Turnt up have to be some of my favs
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loveeee Yoga Flame!! This mix tape is such a tease though, I want the real deal haha
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oh shit, i forgot about "yoga flame" sounds exactly like that line in street fighter.
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National Anthem and Yoga Flame.
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Bubba Sparks is a Lupe Fiasco fan? Whoda thunk it?
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say somthin' is my favorite track, as well as his cover of slaughterhouse's the one. it really sucks that we are constantly getting teased with mixtapes and leaks.