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Lupe's Lyrical Competition?

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on December 09, 2009

Who do you believe is lyrically close to Lupe? Right now

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Ok peep game, Lil wayne claims to be a martian...WRONG....he just look like one!!!! Wayne can rap all day hands down, but he aint sayin or talkin bout shit!!!!! No content what so ever....he cant even eat from lupes plate... (personal opinion)....lupe is out of this world and the only ones i see comin close to lupe is: 1.Em 2.Talib 3.Dre 3000
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i would have to say mickey factz im not gonna lie that nigga rap like lupe he nice if lupe had a son mickey factz would be born hands down
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EXPOSINGTHEWICKED name your top 100 mc's
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busta rhymes over jay z lulz
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Lulz, Jay Z, this isn't a discussion about the most overrated rappers, though I do see Eminem has been mentioned so maybe I'm wrong. I've probably said this before but Chamillionaire and Tech N9ne are the only two that come close. With Bun B and Busta Rhymes trailing closely.
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em is the only one
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who cares? loop is the greatest rapper alive 1/fifteen up...
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I think, that Andre 3000 is only rapper, who reaches to even touch Lupe's level.
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no one is at lupes level...lyrically and overall he is a genuis
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Im saying Jay-Z.
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Dropping serj tankians lyrics eh?
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I dont think there is an artist in his range, he's just an ecclectic dude, and I know cause Im same way, a hood nigga at heart & intellegent mindframe, he's "out there out there out there" as said in that joint where he describes the Streets as a "demon in a dress" lol
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None. Lupe is on his own level when it comes to lyrics
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wow there are a few from Rhymefest , talib kweli, Mos Def, BLU, People under the Stairs, K'Naan its just it got alot of lyrical artists they just not as close to Mainstream as he is
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Mos Def, Talib Kweli
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P.O.S has some good rhymes, i'd go as far to say even better than Lupe..
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i had a guy at my work(obsessive Lupe fan) tell me my lyrics are better than Lupe's... there ain't no way... ...but I'm not gunna lie, i am a beast with words. "da bird kick verb backwards can, yep, Lu (Kang/can) fool (and he/any) ordinary man, but no (Wayne/one) (Kung/can) (Fu/fool) me man" -MC-Squared a.k.a. MC2 i got more where that came from
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All the hate on Kanye and love for Nas ain't shit. Kanye is a icon in rap. Kanye rolls out new shit and new sounds with every album. Nas raps about the same shit every album. I give my props to Tech N9ne, B.o.B. (in most of his songs), and Big Band Theory.
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Crooked I and Tech N9ne are the only two in the same ballpark, but they still got work to do to catch up to Lupe
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No one is lyrically close to Lupe. Honestly. As fo all the upcomng underground artist maybe on day but not rite now. I mean lupe is the only person that can tell about the world u live in as if it were another universe entirely
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@ Vic... I really like Atmosphere... I have 5 Albums but I like God Loves Ugly best. And yea i think Lu and Slug definitely have different styles but i wouldn't say Slug's thoughts are necessarily deeper just more eccentric...That's just my opinion tho. @ 4Z.... Um, I can't find the Big Band Theory online but it's on his album Actual Factual Pterodactyl. Great Song!!!! "I'm the type of organism, sightseers try and visit/ MCs try and mimic/ might catch an aneurysm.." -Big Band Theory... lmao Good Luck!
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Definatly MC Slug of Atmosphere. Although Slug's thoughts go way deeper than Lu's it would be great if these two made a track together!
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Not going to start ranking people because in the end that's all opinion. People I like lyrically though, that don't get that much recognition - Tech N9ne Blu / Exile AOTP (Celph Titled, Apathy, etc) Tonedeff Elzhi Pharoahe Monch etc.. @ Billie got any Big Band Theory stuff?
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Nah, Homeboy Sandman... OR Big Band Theory... Queens cat. Tell me what you think...
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Sandman from Re-Up Gang?
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Ya'll ever heard of Homeboy Sandman???
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waka flocka flame
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Slaughterhouse could probably touch Lupe. But I doubt they could surpass him.