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Lupe's Lyrical Competition?

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on December 09, 2009

Who do you believe is lyrically close to Lupe? Right now

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Competition? rappers express themselves, they portray moods, give insight, uplift, empathize, inspire, divulge passion, provoke thought, vent, live on, or occasionally take advantage of the industry. But this isn't a competition, you may feel Lupe's way of articulating rhymes far surpasses another said rapper... but not all are in it just to be better than the "Competition". Some rap to be the best they can be with what they have regardless of the public's perception or what a fellow artist does. It might just be your word choice but comparing artists to Lupe is a Fail in itself, some will never fill his shoes and others dont even walk down the same path. But I believe Em, Pharoahe, Talib, Andre, Nas, Tupac, and Jay deal wtih that kind of caliber. One size doesn't fit all... Salvador Dali was no Mozart and DaVinci was no Stephen Hawking.
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Alright lets see.................. Johnny 3 Tears (J3T) Charlie Scene Deuce Immortal Technique Masta Ace Nas All Passed Lupe btw. LMAO!
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Never really listened to Roth... maybe should check it out. But lyrically Lupe does kill it, Nothing like Jay Z though... good lord his shit is so complex with the sublimanals. They were talking about Cudi too. Its interesting cause there was an interview with Cudi and he talks about how he dumbs down his lyrics just because these days lyrical content won't get plays. Something about complexity doesn't get you love, but the reason why Jay gets love is cause he came out during a time when lyrical content was everything so people nowadays will listen to what he has to say, which kinda gives perspective in why Lupe doesn't get love.... cause his lyrics are too smart and he came out 2-3 years ago. But I digress... sorry
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hahaha no one thinks ur tight bro lol
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LOL @niaja thinking he's superior to everyone that posts here and claiming kids are young while refering to them as noobs.
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k nianja.. your so closed minded... . I'm not backing up ash cause he hasn't grown on me... but for a young guy kid does have talent, and if you actually LISTEN to what he says it's got solid meaning.. ya not all of it cuz he has room to grow... I'm not saying he's at the same level as Lupe cause ya no shit he's not... and I'm not saying he'll ever be at the same level.. 'close' is a broad term... I mean I've already stated artists who come 'closer' in my opinion?
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lol @ Asher & Cudi being the two names that come to your minds when you think lyrical content... God damn you guys are noobs
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Wale, Cudi, Asher, Em theyre raw...but touching Lupe? naaaah no one TOUCHES Lupe!!
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Kid Cudi gets plays on my iTunes
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lol only idiots who got nothing to do roast. Cudi got some good tracks though, i like asher a bit more though
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I know he's underrated and I'll probably get 'roasted' for saying this but I forgot to mention Kid Cudi in my last post. He's a young artist whom I believe posses a lot lyrical talent and has a style that sets him apart from other artists... as he writes more it will become clear
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lol... you guys are stupid as hell. This is what happens when you go mainstream Lu! You get fans that are dumb as nails. See what you brought upon yourself!?
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Saw Jay Electronica open up for Mos Def in SC last August during the Estatic tour (never heard of Jay Electronica prior to seeing this show), and do think he could hold his own, but I like Lupe's flow more
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i mean lu and canibus should collab i mean forreal the mix of styles would be epic
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Canibus Eminem Talib Kweli Nickelus F I think Lupe could beat em all tho, no one is as good as hime because of his lyrics and flow, considering he doesnt rap about stupid shit like most of the mainstream rappers.
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Jay Elec, Brother Ali, Joe Budden
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I analyzed his lyrics in a college level English class. 'nuff said.
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Nobody in the mainstream...but he doesn't really stand up to Brother Ali or Aesop Rock or Talib Kweli
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Only competition he has is Jay Electronica.... and throw Andre 3K in there as well.
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When I think about lyricism, I think about all that can possibly be done with lyrics, not simply throwing together a bunch of words that rhyme. Competence, depth, story-telling, metaphors & puns, flow, consistency, relevancy, imagination - All of those things are part of lyrical potential. As far as doing all of those things, and doing them well... Lupe really doesn't have any comp that close enough to really mean much. *Sure, you have Em, Blu, Nas, Elzhi, Black Thought, and other cats like that, which actually come pretty close. But they all lack something that Lupe will be remembered from, that being intelligent, imaginative & RELEVANT complexity. Nobody is quite as complete as Lupe as far as lyricism goes. You have more accomplished rappers, and you always will. But no one is truly as skilled as Lupe in the field of lyricism.
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busy spoke truth though not many artists out have u taking a shit ton of listens b4 you get a line or think of it from a different way.
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Busy is just Lu's Yes Man, his opinion don't even matter.
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mannn idk nas has already etched his legacy...i agree wit Gramitoz lupes buildin his
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no one sorry folks.
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lyricallllly i believe nobody
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Nas, Eminem....all i can think of right now
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Honestly there arent too many people lyrically dense as lupe. There's on the surface lyricists but AS lyrical. At the most ten.
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I can't believe Sage Francis hasn't been mentioned yet.
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expressing the writer's emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way: is the definition of lyrical,, so basically, who expresses situations as vivd & good as Lupe does or however you wanna take it, lyrical is lyrical