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Lupe's Lyrical Competition?

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on December 09, 2009

Who do you believe is lyrically close to Lupe? Right now

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Define "Lyrically". Because a lot of people throw that around, and either don't know what it means, or have completely different meanings for the word.
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Black Thought
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Please I hope you guys don't mean Charles Hamilton....
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Eminem. Then you got the whole Slaughterhouse movement. But it depends what you wanna look at, i mean, Nas gets on the similar shit Lupe's on, i just think Nas is a legend, while Lupe gotta build it.
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Gundamn I pretty much agree LU above all, but charles is the only other dude that has me catching lines l8 sometimes. I don't think hes @ lus level but he is above Ye on the lyrical competition for lupe. Ye can make a better song, but bar for bar charles>ye.
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I dont have one
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Lots of people above Lupe, like Aes Rock, for example, but there isn't much competition in the mainstream
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*pause* im a big charles fan but he's not fucking with lupe and i dont see anyone that is, call me a stan bt he's like the shakespeare of hip-hop he's too damn clever. bt i do love charles he's really misunderstood
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Had to make an account to comment on the fact that people are saying Kanye. I love kanye almost as much as I love Lu, but LYRICALLY he isn't on the same boat as Lu. Nas, buddens, mos understandable but kanye? CMON SON. BTW my vote is Charles hamilton here comes the hate PEACE.
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if they still rap, any cd is fair game in the discussion just to clear up the "right now"
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artist on average put out albums like every two years, you can't***
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I was basing it off of Lyrical content, that gives me space to mention dudes like Nas, and Black Thought, Mos Def (The Estatic) artist you can't gauge an artist off of stuff they put out monthly or yearly that gives the impression of fickleness too. Lupe's last album was in 07, who put out the most recent albums shouldn't be a factor.
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The serious eminem not the goofy off eminem
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my name should obviously tell you who I think his competition is.
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No shots brezzz, I was just basing it off both. Jay and Nas are both top lyricists, well established already and don't really put out stuff that isn't a brand new album or a single. Untitled was last year, and there's been barely any Nas buzz in 2009, but he's still one of the best / the best lyricist of all time. Like I said I was just keeping it current.
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I didn't realise it was about being current also?? Hmm content is the main factor here for sure, can't argue with that.
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i agree with you brezzz current relevance is not important.
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so, I thought we were basing this off of lyrical content not current relevance. and if you think Jay is of that caliber why not? I don't understand your rational.
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@Brezzz; That was like 4 months ago lol. If were going that far throw Jay into the mix too.
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ok gucci mane is absolutely ridiculous lol cant disagree with that. he suck
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T.I., Gudda Gudda? *Waits for someone to say Gucci Mane*
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j.cole is a freshman, no comparison lyrically to lupe. but one day im sure he will be up there, esp. if he has jay z backing him like he does.
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Nas put out a track in august bro.
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wha about gudda gudda
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....I just noticed that 4ZIATIC, T.I...I don't see how he could be Lupe's Lyrical Competition fareal...
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wha about j.cole
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vv Oh and I was trying to keep it as current as possible; when's the last time you heard Nas put out a track? and haha at T.I.
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Who's Joe Budden?? jk.. In this generation it's hard to say who it would be without falling into some other category (T.I).. I wanna say Talib Kweli, Common, NAS or Kanye (not his auto tune shit though), oh and because I'm Canadian K'NAAN T.O represent!! because he is just dope lool.. but to me they all have the deepest lyrics.
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aint gonna lie but Joe Budden - Mood Muzik mixtape series did have legit lyrics, but after that he lost it