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Lupe, collab with Joe Budden

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on December 09, 2009

That is all, thanks. 

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He already did, it's on one of the Fahrenheit Mixtapes. And the result was horrific if I do say so myself.
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There's 20 mc's I think are better than Budden but that won't change your opinion...but shit that's what's great about each his own
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LoL... Lupe has been my favorite for a few years now. And Budden is a new favorite. That song, Didn't You Know is nice... but I'd definitely love to hear an '09 Budden do a track with '09 Lupe... Lupe did rap over that Slaughterhouse record, and shouted 'em all out... so the respect is there at least. It'd be nice if they did something together. Who knows what Lupe has up his sleeve for Friend Of The People...
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LOL right...never knew my opinion could be considered wrong.
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your wrong, budden is the best
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I wouldn't call Budden the best, he's nice....but i think Joell can do the same shit Joe does. You gotta look at rap in terms of what kind of shit ppl say, its not about being a smart rapper, a gangsta rapper, a hood kinda lyricist, angry rapper, melodic/bouncy rapper. No one can say they the best, but maybe who amazes people the most.
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Lu did collab with Budden a minute ago. It's called "Didn't You Know" with The Rayne. It's a dope song most definitely.
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This would be nice. I really like that mixtape track that has both of 'em on it.
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name 20 other rappers that are better.
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OK Bro Flacco, you don't like Joe Budden cuz he thumb fucked you mother with his mutated thumb. Move along.
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I can name name 20 other rappers better than Budden.
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a lupe collab with joe budden would be amazing. joe budden is incredible. anyone that says hes trash clearly doesn't know enough rap, sorry. to be clear, i mean real rap.
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Joe Budden is trash
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joe budden the gawd mc
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Had to be done.
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I expected this thread to be made