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Favourite Lupe Lyric?

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    says: (09 Dec '09)

    Mine would have to be.. "& if the rain stopped & everything went dry she would cry just so I could drink the tears from her eyes".

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on December 09, 2009

Mine would have to be.. "& if the rain stopped & everything went dry she would cry just so I could drink the tears from her eyes".

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"With a bird shotgun like i'm hunting, You see what happened? I made a call and she got fly, I was pumping, Hit her up, Then I sent my dog to go and pick her up." Rawness!
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Breathe...I push ki like Dragon Ball Z, you see what I'm Saiyan? I'm trying to give you a piece of my mind like Hannibal G and in the midst of it all make paper like trees... - Free Chilly Freestyle
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Though I came with a biscuit, just trying' a make a mill/ I brang in the business, flow like chuch palpated with ease, pivot and pull from the lines like three's/ Gain a better understanding, I'm just trying' a make it real, like a fisherman, Pon Da River Fam I pon my bank, deposit my thoughts till my mind draws a blank, and I withdraw from checking, I'll leave that with yall for a second...give you a minute to let it sink.... - The Run Down
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Whether grippin the mic or palming the pistol..I get it well done it's MEDIUM RARE to be so RAW IN THE MIDDLE. - Dynasty Freestyle P.S. I've been hijacking the shit out of this thread today but I'm done for now, even though I could think of like a hundred more haha..
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I'm just showing ya mean homie like a dictionary listen clearly to the clean homie, and this aint fair I'm barely on my lean homie or put my all into it like a washing machine homie lol. !
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ALL OF THE OLD SCHOOL JOINT, ESPECIALLY THE LAST VERSE (about to go put it on and write it out for this shit) Then I started to grow, got hips started to know, same time learned gang signs made rhymes, started a flow, facial hair started to grow started a fro, but I couldn't take combin it so I parted it low..I started talking to hoes, wanted to dress fresh so I gotta walk for the dough...but the road that I took for the dimes is full of bumps like books for the blind, full of chumps full of crooks full of crime, dirty game full of sharks full of dope full of grind, adapted right to it, a heart full of grime, whole episode left me marked in the mind, I had to make a change like March of the Dimes, stop; change channels like something something I don't know BUT IT'S A DOPE SONG.
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EVERY SINGLE LINE IN LET'S I educate it on for you, but you wont be happy til they be decorating walls for you, dedicating songs to you can't hesitate to pause for you, can't stop and celebrate, got blocks to medicate come on-- All illin, from door to door dealing, I'm moving on up my floor is your ceiling ! I hit em with the worst--stay down, niggas yo-yo, like the beginning of a verse; may I have your attention, gentlemen and skirts, children and earths, old niggas young niggas, I had it got it took got a gat cocked back went back gave it to and took it from niggas. Realize, not as shook as some niggas, never, forever measure none on ya Richters (WHAT!!) I burn, like Malcom X's first perm, so get it straight or get laid down, can't listen for now so learn nigga, and let's go--
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So I'm forced to keep a gun up in the drawer, and a, vest tight like a woman with some balls...pause...NEVER! - The After Life
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'Hustler for death no heaven for a gangsta" Bishop G, they told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refuse I ain't dumb down nothing!
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If grams were Grammys I'd be Alicia Keys lol haha.
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Probably... "Think you gangster popped a few rounds, These kids will come through and murder a whole town, Then sit back and smoke and watch it burn down, The grave gets deeper the further we go down"
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"and the sea is rising/ if i keep shining/ u gon' have to take submarines to the drive-in"
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"now god don't like ugly- ain't too happy about pretty. I am ignorance's enemy. so stay out the vicinity"
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Disease, the virus is spreading in all directions. No safe zone, no cure and no protection. No symptoms define the signs of an infection, no vaccines, remedies, and no corrections. Quarantine the dreams and seal off the connections, don't let them in, not a friend, not a reflection. Everybody's got it and want you to have it next and don't accept them if you want to stay as an exception. No pill can heal the ill of this sickness some are still in doubt of its existence. Some call it forgiveness and some call it the vengeance, some say it's an exit and some say it's an entrance. The poor say the rich have the cure, the rich say the poor are the source, revolutionaries say it's physiological war invented by the press just to have something to report. Some say the first case came from a maternity ward, some say a morgue, some say the skies, some say the floors. Whores say the nuns, nuns say the whores and everybody is sure. The scientist say it only affects the mind, the little boy said it only affects the girls. The preacher man said it's going to kill off the soul, a bum said it's going to kill the whole wide world! - Streets On Fire
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i like his verse on the Dirty - Angels remix on the Enemy of The State ep
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im a chaser and n***** tryna take me off my paper like erasers/but lemme put you on to somethin all i got is the other end for them and they brotha men wanna get it bubblin' its nothin'
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''You don't want them to hear u, u just wish there was a door, that would appear, that u can go disappear trough. Well I'm feeling ur pain, I was feeling the same, but I said, I'd never feel that again''
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"do this one thing for me...outta trillions of numbas just give me a few that lead to you. won't be longing see you in the morning"
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"Got my Gold Watch and my gold chain"
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"...doin dirt with the devil chasin after the dust make fuss if its them but we hush if its us..." -F&L:Real "i run the game Bilderberg group in the league with the flash usain bolt aint even even as fast why u take offense with defensive ass never hussein in the hole not even in a half cause nigga i aint hidin im the whole world nigga your an island and the seas risin if i keep shinnin you gon have to take submarines to the drive-in nowwwww" - Enemy of the State theres really too many verses i like
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"good night, drive safe, a rhyming ape t-shirts on sale, that'll be 25$..."
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@Luwhoelse he says "suicide ON DA SIDE, might commit it witcha belt, keep ya pants on homie" hes referring to guns ... and why people shouldnt use them, but at the same time hes saying the fans "chilly" are angry cause no one wants to hear him get big, so if his "gun" (dick) is revealed then hes been caught with his pants down... so he says KEEP YA PANTS ON HOMIE... cause the line's metaphor is sick... keeep ya pants on... he knows... he dont gotta flash you to show us
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Rider of the white powder, picker of the fire flowers, spit hot fire like Dylon on Chappelle's skit -dumb it down
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"A match made in heaven set the fires in hell."
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"suicide might commit it with your belt...keep your pants on homie" -- i never got that?
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You don't stand a chance. Matta fact you don't have half the stance to stand if you stood half a chance like C-H-A. Can dance with this man from the C-H-A's. Give it up just abandon plans.- Lu Myself
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"Murder niggas, step on my shoes I hurt a nigga, kill a nigga, fill a nigga wit holes! Call women hoes! Hold up niggas, hold up hoes, break the calm dead in they bombs. Blow up niggas blow up hoes, turn around smack they moms. SWITCH! Heal niggas, educate and build niggas, instillin' niggas it's real to respect women. Treat em like they real, they feel nigga, watch the birds, watch Dr. Phil nigga, chill nigga, go learn a skill nigga." Would have to be my favourite.
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Failure is lyrically he greatest hip hop song ever written. Every line in that song has a double meaning and is straight genius.
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@Ray u took mine that get everytime the coolest is my favorite i cud listen to it for hours
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"Hustler for death, no heaven for a gangster."