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Favourite Lupe Lyric?

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    says: (09 Dec '09)

    Mine would have to be.. "& if the rain stopped & everything went dry she would cry just so I could drink the tears from her eyes".

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on December 09, 2009

Mine would have to be.. "& if the rain stopped & everything went dry she would cry just so I could drink the tears from her eyes".

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"i hope your bullet holes become mouths to say my name" - put you on the game If you like Lupe, you should check out Prototype. Meaningful lyrics yet catchy's his site:
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"i think green like irish spring, and then coast fudge wit it get a mouth full of soap"- i gotcha "my femme fatale my darling fraudulent angel, once caught her changing the batteries in her halo, receipt for her wings and everything that she paid for, and the address to the factory where they made those"- streets on fire "rest in peace to patrick, rest in peace to stacks kid, rest in peace to rap, no rest in peace to wackness, yea n***a i whacked it, baby boy with the glasses, tears like a black rap zack galifinakis.... hang over game over ni**a thats it."
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Lupe Fiasco - Failure "All that gas can't help you but solar might,so just call on sun. drop the S pick up the O...U NO. put it all on one"
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-Little Weapon- Little Terry got a gun, he got from the store, He bought it with the money he got from his chores, He robbed candy shop told her lay down on the floor, Put the cookies in his bag took the pennies out the drawer. Little Kalil got a gun he got from the rebels, To kill the infidels and American devils, A bomb on his waist, A mask on his face, Prays five times a day, And listens to Heavy Metal. Little Alex got a gun he took from his dad, That he snuck into school in his black book bag, His black nail polish, black boots and black hair, He's gonna blow away the bully that just pushed his ass...
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lol @ Lukorz... my favorite comes right after yours... "my swing it couldn't be seen, i apply some paint to it, the invisible man, wrapped in bandages IN CRITICAL CLEAR"
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"The gravity of the vocabulary is a caliber equal to Excalibur Swung with the grace of Agassi in his amateurs" "Doin it bout as fly as a maggot grown up"
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yes i agree completely thats my shit
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i forgot to 'say something'....get it 'saay some-thing' but its another Lupe fiasco check it out on Enemy of the State...and just mentioning most of lupe fiasco's felt like the dude is real i dont know man just reviewing his lyrics or just going back to what hes done made me really think like yo lupe fiasco you know.. like he really does this
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ohhh typo, typo people...ive caught an error...its was suppose to say 'their love for it is the reason i have become this praised, they' can go check the rest..
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'The Coolest' was definately one of my favorites..pure poetry to the favorite part was the whole first verse this part in the second when hes like, 'The ones that had deadbeat daddies And well to do mommas But not well enough to keep 'em from us The ones that were fightin' in class Who might not pass Rap record pressured to laugh At a life no fast Can you feel it (can you feel it) Is what I got asked Do I love her (do I love her) Said I don't know Streets got my heart, Game got my Soul One times my sunshine will never hurt ya soul Quote to a client dishonored baby momma Whose the momma to the daughter That I had fathered from afar My new lady gave a mercedes And a necklace with a solid gold key Like the starter of a car, the opener of a door Or two pounds of raw You gave me a baby, but what about lately Then ha ha ha ha ha, right up in her face G There's more fish in the sea Im on my mission to be, be' THE COOLEST NIGGA WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS! THAT WHOLE TRACK GOES OFF AND THEN ...the track called 'Put you on game'...'Dont you know that i run this place, and ive begun this race must i rerun this pace, Im the reason its become this way and their love for it is the reason i have become this way' ETC. its goes on im done typing im not trying to get arthritis, go and listen to the tracks people..HELLO THERE CRITICS..KNOCK KNOCK MTV..RING A DOORBELL RR..TALK ABOUT WORD PLAY..NEGRO IS PLAYING WITH WORDS HERE..ITS NOT A JOKE NO MORE gonna break down quick i got like 475 characters left 'Proper' 'Fire', 'Hi-defintion' another trackk thats poppin, 'The Die', 'Little Weapon' is poppin, 'Go Baby' metaphorically speaking all metaphors...thats just The Cool..Food/Liq..'Pressure'..'Just might be okay'...'I Gotcha'...;He say She say'...its goes on...before that just slappiin'em with mixtapes...FREESTYLES...NOO OH ARE YOU KIDDING.. check 'You, him and her freestyle' my favorite..recent mixtape Enemy of the state..
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"A case? This ain't even a fine. You ain't find nothin' homie. Not even a dime. Not even a don, that'll drop dime on me. I know you as don, so you put a dime on me. I know that's a crime, you s'posed to fight crime fo' me. Protect and to serve Prosecute, correct and return to the homies And that's gon send 'em direct to the curb So you can put back on me." - Handcuffs "So through the grim reaper sickle sharpening, Macintosh marketing Oil field auguring Brazilian adolescent disarmament Israeli occupation Islamic martyrdom, precise Yeah Laser-guided targeting Oil for food bartering Terrorist organization harboring Sand-camouflaged army men CCF sponsoring, world conquering, telephone monitoring Louis-Vuitton modeling Pornographic actress honoring String theory pondering Bulimic vomiting Catholic priest fondling Preemptive bombing on Osama, ain't no bombing them They breaking in my car again Deforestation and over-logging and Hennessy and Hypnotiq swallowing Hydroponic coughing and All the world's ills Sittin' on chrome 24-in wheels, like that" - Hurt Me Soul "Now the poor Ku Klux man see that we all brother's Not cuz things the same, because we lack that same color And that's green, now that's mean Can't burn his cross Cuz he can't afford the gasoline." - American Terrorist "Exactly I'm in it from the minute I was in it til the minute that I spit it and I finished Then it's sad for me Until the second wind reinvent it with a vengeance revisit and make 'em give it Back to me" - Don't Get It Twisted Fuck, this shit is too hard, I got like 20 mo' songs I wanna put down.
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"im cool i dont foretell best, i aint nicest emcee, i aint cornel west, i am cornel westside, chi-town guavera, malcom Xercise the demons, gangsta leanin"- just might be cold
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yea Ray, "coulda been" and "just might be ok" are tied for my favorite lupe song
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" my most coveted thing is high self- esteem and a low tolerance for them telling me how to lean; see the most important parts are the ones that are unseen; the wings don't make you fly and the crown don't make you king" - Gold Watch
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I love the flow on that song Dont feed the animals. It's mad!
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"I could be starting, Garden, or planting a garden, or security gaurdin, or I could be starving and eating out your garbage, or found stardom, starring in sitcoms with martin, I coulda been marching with martin, handcuffed, north face over the face, with no comment." "Truthfully I have trouble with second versus Cuz the first one be so intimidating It'd be bullyin' and pickin on it instigatin pointin out all the second ones limitations like you aint nothing but an imitation like bitcha bakin then it gets the chorus and the beat to together then they gang up on him and get to hatin but then around the 8th bar he tired so they conspire and commiserating then he fin' his inspiration to spar he takes a few seconds of judo lessons gets back on beat then punches the guitar they stand in awe like when did you write that they even right black first verse already happened so he don' have a chance to fight back" "Not at all nervous as he dug to the surface Tarnished gold chain is what he loosened up the earth with He used his mouth as a shovel to try and hollow it and when he couldn't dirt spit... swollowed it Working like a.. hmm.. reverse archaeologist Except.. his buried treasure was sunshine So when some shined through a hole that he had drove it reflected off the gold and almost made son blind"
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Too many to list... ~"It's about to get heavy as Heaven But I am Atlas at this, managed to balance massive masses All without tilting my glasses..." ~"I'm just tryin to do the opposite of left, as long as there's the opposite of death But mess around and I might bring the opposite of life, until there's no one the opposite of right..." ~"I push ki like Dragonball Z, You see what I'm sayin (saiyan)?" ~These dudes don't stand a chance, Matter of fact You don't have half the chance of half a man with half a stance Who stood up and stood half his chance..." ~"They tryin to censor the influenceer Just makes me sicker, Influenza..." Too many, man. Too many.
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"I flipped back the mattress they slept on me on"-Just Might Be OK.
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" I work like a Mexican spend like a white man" - Ignorant Shit Freestyle "To a crying, dishonored baby momma ,Who's the momma to a daughter ,That I had fathered from afar, My new lady gave me a Mercedes, and a necklace with a solid gold key Like the starter of a car ,The opener of a door or two pounds of raw You gave me a baby, but what about lately? then ha-ha-ha-ha-ha'd Right up in her face, G , There's more fish in the sea, I'm on my mission to be, be coolest nigga!"
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You gone need two heads like the King of Clubs just to figure out the meaning of, I'm just achieving buzz so stay out of son/sun way like you're drinkin' blood.
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"My mind was a sponge , now it shamwow" =]
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Yeah, i can't pick one part of the coolest, it was to sick to pick out one part... My friend is a Jay-Z fan and didn't mess with lupe until he heard that song. Its one of the most creative tracks ever
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I have so many favorites... but i'll pick these two cause i recently heard them "All the worlds ills sittin on chrome 24 inch wheels like that" "Listen G they tld me i should come down cousin but i flatly refuse i don't dumb down nothin" "Now here this i'm fearlessi'm peerless, which means im eyeless, which means i'm tearless, which means my iris resides where my ears is, which means i'm blinded...." GOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!! He's to good
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Thanks for agreeing Titilope!
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yeaa, the whole of 'the coolest'
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"I got the shotgun in the driver's seat So if Lupe's a coupe, my man is a sedan If there's more than 2 of us, then you up against a van"
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"Welcome all of y'all to my dark recesses This is where I keep the bars like bathtub edges My Ivories and my Doves, my Levers and my Zests It takes half of your bubble bath to match the freshness"
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Asking me how many lines is in my mind is like asking how many fish can the ocean fit
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"they shootin' into heaven like they tryna' kill the jetsons" haha
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I'm just running with a barrel full of black powder With a hole in it, holding it, wheezing deep, breathing Running from the fire on the trail I keep leaving I can't shake it I swear it's heat seeking I keep seeking somewhere to hide from it, duck and dive from it But it keep keeping up just when I think that I've done it It keep sneaking up Ohh leaking barrel of black powder how that flame keep reaching us Just one of the long winded extended metaphors of Lu's This time I use an example of a fuse To demonstrate how I can't lose I would put it down but I can't due to the glue That I use the fuse everything together Well I spill some on my hands And goddamn I might have to carry this forever Well I'm crazy to the game till they bury me insane