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Food & Liquor or The Cool

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    says: (09 Dec '09)

    What album did you like better? Think it's about tied to me, but F&L holds a special place. haha!

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on December 09, 2009

What album did you like better? Think it's about tied to me, but F&L holds a special place. haha!

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@LUWHOELSE how can I not criticize Lu for not including his own personal life in his music? that's what makes the difference to me, thats the one thing he's missing. I don't hold against him, I'm sure he has his reasons but unfortunately that's the difference to me.
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The Cool because its all about growth and Lu grew from F&L.
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Food and Liquor only because I like almost all the songs in there, compared to only a few from the cool.
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@Prophecy How can you criticize Lupe for not including his own personal in his music. Some artists don't like their personal business out there. Anyhow i cant really choose between the two. They both have songs I love, I'd probably go with F&L because i felt that album more whereas The Cool was a story that I enjoyed
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I like the cool because of its concept, but food and liquor was like i'm just gonna talk to my fans, this is what i'm about, a buy or sell album... I can't pick, it'll destroy me inside...LOL
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I think that The Cool gots better songs in it (for example fighters, streets on fire and superstar) but Food & Licour is better in it's entirity. I mean it doesn't have a single bad song on it, but The Cool has those 2 I hate: Hello Goodbye and Put you on game.
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F&L , The Cool was a good album but it was somewhat darker not as flow-ish as food and liqour
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I dont agree with you IBIS THOTH that fnl is an autobiography. Thats one aspect of Lu's music I criticize he doesnt get to that personal level with his audience, most of his songs seem that hes eitehr trying to get to a deeper concept or he's making a generic song that any1 can relate to. Yes in a song like 'sunshine' he may have been thinking of a personal situation in particular , but its still very generic if you get what im saying. A perfect example of an artist getting to that personal level with his audience in Blu in bth, after hearing that album song for song it was like you felt some of Blu's life, I never got that with Lu's Fnl. That said, I prefer FnL, the songs were just so much more...soulful? I dunno just was better to me. But thats just my opinion..
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The Cool is like my favorite album of all time
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I love Food and Liquor, but The Cool was like my favorite album of all time, not just hip-hop. I've closely listened to it like 80 times and I still find something new to go "wow" about every time, be it a metaphor or some connection between a lyric and the central story. It's all just dope. "No heaven for a G"
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Food & Liquor was an autobiography. The Cool was Lupe's version of Aesop Fable. Both were unique, and loved both. The honesty and message of Food & Liquor was slightly more my cup of tea. Hotep.
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I think F&L is a slightly better and more complete hip-hop album, but they are both near perfect albums. My personal favorite is The Cool because it has a lot of personal meaning to me
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i say "the cool" witout a single doubt in my mind. i look at that album as a complete masterpiece. its 1 of the only albums in recent history that is actually an "album". it has a pointto prove, it has a clear direction, it has a theme. the only other albums i can think of that pull the same vibe off are cudi's man on the moon n 808s n heartbreak. 808s is obviously not a hiphop album, n i personally dont consider cudi a rapper, hes a amazin artist tho. his music imo is in its own genre.... back to my point tho... f&l was amazin, but i feel that it wasnt necessiraly a real album. u can take "i gotcha" off it, n replace it wit "dedicated", u can take "kick push" off an replace it wit "coulda been", etc. wit my point bein that song off that album didnt absolutely NEED to be on there to give off a certain vibe. maybe im just biased, cuz honestly i didnt like lupe at all til the cool came out. i gotcha's beat was annoyin to me, daydreamin made absolutely no sense to me, and kick push was just aight to me, all this around the same time that the game was my favorite rapper, "doctors advocate" was the best album i ever heard, n i did nothin but try n memorize weezy's da drought 3 mixtape lol. i didnt even consider lupe a contender til i heard "he say, she say" in some skool project where he had to bring a song wit a story in it n play for the class... i brought in "like father, like son" by the game. "he say, she say" is 1 of the 2 songs to ever make my eyes water, the other bein sam cooke's "a change gon come"... now i kno "he say, she say" was from f&l, but it coulda easily fit into the cool, especially since it was part of the myh story. even wit songs off the cool like "go baby" n "hello/goodbye" that i barely listened to, i saw how it fit into the album, wit those songs provin that lupe wasnt chasin the cool. every other song off that album has been my fav song at 1 pioint in time.. sorry for yappin so much, i just love that fuckin album....
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THE COOL.. it's darkish, not really but kinda in a way dark i guess; and i'm a very cold sarcastic person.
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the cool had better production. but F&L was mad soulful. lyrics wise i'd say F&L was a little more diverse. but both albums are very consistent! so it's a tie for me!
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The Cool by a hair
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The Cool.I anticipated that album for months so when i heard it i was blown away and it still is my shit.Put u on Game is amazing.
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I'd say The Cool. My fav on F&L would be American Terrorist. But The Cool had Dumb it Down, Paris Tokyo,, Streets on Fire They're both good though.
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WTF... Busy ACTUALLY gettin involved with the community? Your account get hacked or somethin?
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I think OVERDOSE OF PASSION said it...F&L is more consistent in my opinion but The Cool has higher highs but lower lows. Both are great though and stay in my rotation. I don't like to read books so listening to his albums makes me feel like I'm still getting a little smarter while doing the closest thing to actually reading (sounds bad I know).
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I think each of these albums was a reflection of where Lupe was at in his life. With that said, I feel a little bad saying that i prefer The Cool over F&L. I feel like the death of Lu's pops and the incarceration of Chill definitely aided in the creative process of The Cool. But sometimes pain is an easy feeling to draw from.
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Food and liquor is better to me.
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F&L was definitely more streamlined; The Cool had way more jumping between amazing (Put You On Game, Streets on Fire) and mediocre (The Die, Superstar), so I have to say Food and Liquor. Plus, Food and Liquor had more soul than half of BET.
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i would have to say food and liquor only cuz it jus felt so Chi-Town to me but i still got love for the cool tho
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Ohh, wow. This is really tough. I think will have to go with The Cool. It consistently has great songs and I love the use of The Game, The Streets, and The Cool as characters. Very deep in that respect.
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keep you fate as we chase The cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool COOLLLLLL
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Both are dope, but honestly, the Food and Liquor leak may have been the best. If for no other reason than it prompting Bishop G to say he had "bags of bullets" on FNF radio.
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The tone that the cool set was pretty cool (hah), but Food & Liquor was what got me listening to hip-hop that had soul and will always be on of my favorite albums.