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Food & Liquor or The Cool

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    says: (09 Dec '09)

    What album did you like better? Think it's about tied to me, but F&L holds a special place. haha!

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on December 09, 2009

What album did you like better? Think it's about tied to me, but F&L holds a special place. haha!

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I've been listenin to both still in rotation on my MP3 player so I really can't decide, I got favorites from both...they are really tied to me
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I like both-- I can listen to them constantly and they don't lose their value. BUT, F & L was my first hip-hop album ever!! So it has to be my fav just because it introduced me to such a great world (I was a late bloomer don't judge me lol.)
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The Cool because that album tells me a story that I enjoy
4ziATiC's picture

Food & Liquor by far.
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i would have to say Food & Liquor was better than The Cool because F&L seems more mellow & well put together; its a classic to me, one of my fav cd's of all time... while The Cool is exactly that,,, cool : not great not bad, but ok
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Def. The cool. That was an amazing album
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Food and Liquor just because it was when I was first getting into Lupe, and I remember how excited I was with every song. By the Cool I had already known Lupe was a killer, and although he far exceeded my expectations, nothing can match my amazement on F&L.
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Both are incredible.
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the cool
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Food & Liquor appeals to me more. The cool is still up there though.
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im going to agree with xtinabiz, its like the first and second chapters in a story.
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I love them both, I couldn't choose F&L completes The Cool
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Food and Liquor most def.
mikevee's picture

food and liquor AND the cool
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It's a very close call, I think I lean more to the F&L side though. The Cool was still one of my favorite albums of all time though.