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Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey



Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey

Posted by: Busy

Lasers in stores and online now!

Lasers in stores and online now!

Posted byBusy
5 years 1 month ago
Busy's picture
on May 02, 2011

Lasers in stores and online now!

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amay429's picture

This song is amazing..people need to stand up for what is right..stop letting people, mainly the government influence what you think so much..its all a brainwashing scam! Do yourself a favor and stand up for yourself and others. Theres no need for all these wars and stop trying to act so damn hard all the time. damn.
Alexus Fiasco's picture

this is video is crazy. People need to get there self together !
Mz_Mack_Diva's picture

From what I've read and what I've seen, it looks like Lupe is against the New World Order and the Illuminati but I've been wondering...if MTV and all of these music video networks are all pawns of the Illuminati then why do they play this video on their stations when it's speaking out against all of those things? Why are they promoting his music and his videos? What if people started really listening to what Lupe is saying and started to want to go against the government? I wonder if they feel like one person really can't make a difference but you never know what could happen.....
Jmc's picture

love the video!!! exactly wat i was thinkin wen i heard the song. to all the people who are offended u need to LISTEN to the song. REALLY LISTEN TO THE SONG! u say he is ignorant for speaking the truth wen it is truly ignorant to ignore the truth and hate on the people who bring the truth to light. and please dont judge a man u dont know when neither u or myself have any right to judge any man or women. Lupe awesome song keep makin music as long as you keep producing it i will be listening to it.
Dianaa's picture

When can I buy this video on iTunes cause I really want it!! (: At to people who are talking shit calm the eff down, listen to the lyrics first, "Murdering is not Islam & you are not observant", you guys aren't observant cause in every religion there are people who follow the beliefs correctly & others who don't. & quite honestly he isn't offending isreal or women or whatever the eff you guys are saying. He wants to end the war, he wants all religions to accept one another. So calm the eff down people. & if you don't like lupe then get the eff off of his page. L.A.S.E.R.S
tcars25's picture

This is simply a video about not being afraid to speak your mind. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and lupe is just stating his. You don't have to agree with what he says, he's just empowering people to stand up for what they believe in and not be afraid to speak their mind.
lioness13's picture

Okay...not going to get disillusioned by "labels", I shall hear for myself. I will be sorely dissappointed if it is anything less than the truth. Without women, you cease to exist; how will you show apprrciation for the gift of life?
CDouglasXX's picture

Whether you agree with Lupe or not...It's truly refreshing to see an artist who is not afraid to express his opinions, no matter how radical one may perceive them to be. In a genre of music that always seem to womanize and to glorify pimps, money and violence....its great to see someone put some actual thought into their lyrics and break away from the status quo. I don't agree with everything he has to say, but I respect his boldness and creativity.
J in Vegas's picture

I'm glad to see someone calling out the joke that is 9/11." WTC7 .. did they really pull it?" CIA spends half of its budget on psych-ops. For the person below saying about muslims cutting off peoples heads, that represents the small radical Islamic part of the larger muslim group , just like radical christians killing abortion doctors in the Amerika only represent a small portion of the larger Christianity group. In my opinion, any religion is just a tool to enslave the sheeple and make them fight among themselves. Wake up people. For for info on the joke of 9/11 visit . J in Vegas
notyou's picture

Have you watched Islamic Muslims cut peoples heads off?? Have you watcedh Islamic Muslims go to jail for killing their wife or daughter because their religion told them they could? And you call it peaceful?? That is an insult to me and every woman on the face of this earth. NO MAN EVER HAS THAT RIGHT!! Peaceful??? Really?? Do your homework before you spread you ignorance


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