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The Show Goes On



The Show Goes On

Posted by: Busy

Lasers in stores March 8th!

Lasers in stores March 8th!

Posted byBusy
5 years 6 months ago
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on December 25, 2010

Lasers in stores March 8th!

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OOOHH MY GOODNESS! That performance on the MTV Movie Awards! Brought tears to my eyes! Yes, after listening closely to the lyrics on "Til I get there"....then watching Lupe perform two of his hits on this show..... I felt that LUPE...... YOU MADE IT BABY! Way to go! I feel like your second mom from afar LOL (because I watched you from the very beginning from "Kick Push" and you've worked hard and kept going)! And I have supported you. You are an awesome writer and passionate!!! I can see it and feel it. THE BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE EVER, EVER, EVER (that I've heard) the sound quality was AWESOME on the MTV Movie Award show! Every instrument was heard clearly and it was good sounding music! I can't stop rewinding the performance on my DVR! Thanks for not having any "half naked women dancing around", (I understand that some things like that are expected), but for this performance (the attention would've been on them and not you) YOU needed this moment to shine, just YOU and that MUSIC. YOU can hold it down by YOURSELF performing!!! The BAND WAS CLEAN, CRISP, AND SHARP! WE HEARD EVERY NOTE! They were THE BOMB! FOR REAL...SWAGGED OUT! LOL. I come from a family of musicians, my 20 year old son is a musician. He couldn't sleep after watching that performance.....I grew up listening to the "MUSIC"...the instruments and how they collaborate with one another takes you another place. Nothing like a LIVE band! NOTHING! YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB! Congratulations honey! I pray for you! Be good! Stay sweet!
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LUPE!!!! I am so proud of you!!! I am a 42 year old wife and mother of 3 young adults! I am originally from Chicago! I have loved you since "Kick Push". I was blasting that song in my Ford Windstar Minivan! LOL! I thought you were a genius then and I know you are a genius NOW! I love this song! I love good sounding music. I don't agree with some of the language, but I can appreciate the message very much so! I downloaded edited versions of your music from, and this is how me and my family can enjoy your music! This song " The show goes on" and "Til I get there" are my favorites so far on this album! I've purchased the downloads (both) just recently. Keep up the good work! We love you!
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Lupe you and B.o.B are the best rappers out there. The so called rappers out there now are garbage. The rap about things that have no importance and amount to nothing. You truly are a breath of fresh air. I must admit i was a little sceptical about listening to your music since i heard you were muslim. But ive stopped believing all the trash i hear about muslims. All the garbage talk about muslims is crap! I bieleve that christians and muslims can live together peacefully. You are a true inspiration to me, CHI-TOWN, Gaza Strip :), and the African-American community!! Please stay true and continue on your path to being one of the best rappers to ever walk this beautiful Planet that the one true god created!
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love your songs! most like this one! i love the lyrics and the rhythm coz somehow it sets my mood into a bit down..down! but it! BTW im from the Philippines hope to see you here on stage maybe someday!
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Okay, so I am going to try this again (writing a post). I first saw this video on 106 & Park and absolutely fell in love, not only with the video but the lyrics. I am an older African American female and have been disappointed with the state of hip hop for a very long time. I often turn the station to the old school R & B jams because I can't seem to listen to what they call hip hop these days. This song is a breath of fresh air. I love the lyrics, the beat, the musical content and most of all the hook. It goes beyond a hook, it is a message, an awakening! Lupe, I will admit, I am just now getting put on to you; however, I am so glad that I saw your video. From that day, I have looked up your bio and read about your beginnings, your father, and music. I have watched almost every video of you posted on YouTube just to find out more about you. I have now found your site and have gone through it. What has me even a bigger fan is how you are not ashamed to use your intellect and vocabulary to get your piont across. It is refreshing to see a Black male, hip hop artist who is not afraid to be himself. "The Show Goes On" is such an inspiration to me as I continue on this trying journey as a doctoral student. I believe you will not let me down with your voice and your message. I am looking forward to your album. Honestly, your album will be the first hip hop album I have brought in over 10 or more years. This one single sold me and I am now a fan. I hope you are able to travel to the midwest soon and stop in Columbus, Ohio. I hope to be in the front row with my hands in the air to "The Show Goes On." I hope you never change your flow and from the homework I have done thus far, it does not appear that you will. Thank you for not compromising yourself and I am so glad you decided to make "The Show Goes On" your first single! I have listened to this song over 50+ times and each time it gives me goose bumps! I am proud to say I can play it to inspire my young nephews! Peace!
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This that real. Hip Hop at it's finest! Lyrically no one can touch Lupe!!! He spits the real! If u dont think so u need to throw that soulja boy shit and listen to this song!! Kepp it up Lupe!
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Yayy, you made #2 on 106&Park ! I'm so happyy , i voted like 5060 times! Keep up tha great music!
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