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I'm Beamin



I'm Beamin

Posted by: Busy
Posted byBusy
6 years 2 months ago
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on May 01, 2010
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JayJewels's picture

Semi-colon. Close parenthesis. I love that line!
RedRocboy's picture

Man It's A Damn Shame how hard this shit go. Crazy ass beat (Shit had my speakers going H,A.M.). Dope lyrics and catchy hook. It amazes me how if it ain't big drug talk or how many hoes a nigga got don't nobody wanna listen. Lupe is in a class all his own. WE ARE LASERS!
Knucks80's picture

How I feel about Lupe????? I think Biggie best described it. Lyrically ni**as cant see me!!!
Knucks80's picture

The definiton of lyricist!!!!
javerill07's picture

Lupe is the hottest rapper in the world to date!!!
KiddWords.I.Never.SaidFiasco's picture

i kno every word to this song Lol
KiddWords.I.Never.SaidFiasco's picture

id love to see him, kanye and eminem do a song together with ne-yo or trey songz on the hook that would be awesome... my 3 faves with a good hook
nicktaylor03's picture

Lupe it's nice to hear someone making real music hip hop has lost its way and its good to see few people still trying to bring it back keep doing you
Trace's picture

coolest rapper on the planet!!!!!!
ThePPL's picture

LUPE, good to c ur on OUR side!!, we know the true meaning of the billy dee line. and the "706's" line,etc... Where all MY(u WERE part) 760s, witcha brights on? Yeah, THEY(760's aka mk usa,aka Charlemagne n company, semi colin) are the ones to keep YOUR(us, the ppl) eyes on TELL THEM LUPE!!!!!!! U found out what THEY did,kill um on these tracks man!!!!!!!!!!!


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