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Dumb It Down



Dumb It Down

Posted by: Busy
Posted byBusy
6 years 6 months ago
Busy's picture
on December 02, 2009
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Description: THE COOL is coming! "Dumb It Down" viral music video 1st & 15th/Atlantic Records

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Knucks80's picture

Don't ever dumb it down son!! Keep that real raw shit coming!!! Hip hop is in desperate need of it. You are a light in an industry that has gotten so dark!!
Trace's picture

coolest nigga on earth
AZIZ's picture

I love how u put them words together!!! IT DOPE!!!
SneakerKween's picture

Make it rain for the chicks! Pour champange on a B***H! What the F**k is wrong with you??!!! HOW CAN I GET ON THE SONG WITH YOU! Love it! lol
stargazer7's picture

yea this iz 4 all the dumb ass nniggas in the hood who dont understand rap on a higher CONSCIOUS level... WE AINT DUMBIN DOWN NUTHIN... FNF UP !!! Y'ALL NIGGAS GO READ A BOOK.LOL
cdog70810's picture

talkin to his haterz on this 1
Imade's picture

i love this song, my friend wrote a note on the meaning of this song, so intence. the means is a killin bullet
KimoTh3rapy's picture

Bishop G, they told me I should come down cousin....but I flatly refused I AINT DUMB DOWN NOTHIN! a classic
Graphik_2's picture

I honestly like the spin on this, lmao. "how can i get on a song witcha?"

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