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Hip Hop Saved My Life


Hip Hop Saved My Life

Posted by: Busy
Posted byBusy
4 years 11 months ago
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on December 02, 2009
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TesDB's picture

i remember i when i got the cool and listen to this song i was like hip-hop saved my life sounds like it'll be a good song and it was it was one of my fav off the cool and when i first watch the video i was like it fits the song great
reaper's picture

this song waz always trill to me and its true to the thugz out there grindin
eunyounglee's picture

every time I listen to this song, I wanna cry.. I don't know why...
Kakashi-Senpai's picture

this song gives me goosebumps's like the anthem for anyone with a dream in Hip-Hop, and everyone who loves rap has had this dream sometime in their life.....Lupe man, keep doing what you are doing , you're representing the true essence of Hip-Hop in times where it seems like everyone else has forgotten about it. You are saving Hip-Hop to me! Jason from Curacao 1
KimoTh3rapy's picture

such an amazing song, my fav off the cool.
JPH's picture

Love it!
CheckPlz's picture

somethin, somethin, somethin, stack that cheese
Graphik_2's picture

Such an amazing story.
Junor's picture

One of the best for sure
chillapep's picture

Best song from the best rapper !!

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