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2011 MTV Movie Awards


2011 MTV Movie Awards
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago
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applebutter's picture

OOOHH MY GOODNESS! That performance on the MTV Movie Awards! Brought tears to my eyes! Yes, after listening closely to the lyrics on "Til I get there"....then watching Lupe perform two of his hits on this show..... I felt that LUPE...... YOU MADE IT BABY! Way to go! I feel like your second mom from afar LOL (because I watched you from the very beginning from "Kick Push" and you've worked hard and kept going)! And I have supported you. You are an awesome writer and passionate!!! I can see it and feel it. THE BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE EVER, EVER, EVER (that I've heard) the sound quality was AWESOME on the MTV Movie Award show! Every instrument was heard clearly and it was good sounding music! I can't stop rewinding the performance on my DVR! Thanks for not having any "half naked women dancing around", (I understand that some things like that are expected), but for this performance (the attention would've been on them and not you) YOU needed this moment to shine, just YOU and that MUSIC. YOU can hold it down by YOURSELF performing!!! The BAND WAS CLEAN, CRISP, AND SHARP! WE HEARD EVERY NOTE! They were THE BOMB! FOR REAL...SWAGGED OUT! LOL. I come from a family of musicians, my 20 year old son is a musician. He couldn't sleep after watching that performance.....I grew up listening to the "MUSIC"...the instruments and how they collaborate with one another takes you another place. Nothing like a LIVE band! NOTHING! YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB! Congratulations honey! I pray for you! Be good! Stay sweet!
Najat's picture

Can't waiit for it!!!!!!
RayRosieRay's picture

Can't wait :D this will be great*high anticipation* will be watching all the way from Sudan ;D

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