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Out Of My Head ft. Trey Songz [Single Cover]


Out Of My Head ft. Trey Songz [Single Cover]
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

off Lupe's new album "Lasers" in stores and online now!

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Well you also have to understand lupe is the same lupe, just look at the song Words i never said, but hes also an adult. And dont judge a book by its cover, same with this CD cover, the album was great and was the same lupe. And yeah, like i said hes an adult, its not like he went hardcore like the other rappers who rap about shit that dont make a change, i mean he just had alittle fun in this one
what matters's picture

Why would he do that! Don’t make it seem like Atlantic Records put a gun in his head and made him do that!! What happened to inspiring people? You don’t need to make videos and show figures of girls like that to grab fans. Lupe, you were one of a kind…you grabbed people’s attention in the right intentions, you were different, you have a great mind set, strong belief, and your aware of your faith ... this song was great. The video and the girl’s body image... With this you really messed up. It’s better to have fans inspired and believe in your message then having fans that just listen to your song from one ear and let go out the other. Out of my head? Lol… what a great message you sent out with this one. I still love you Lupe, ~God Bless.
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@freshafiasco: i totally agree with you...before he wouldnt have to have a figure of a girl to promote a song
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Best song, i love this raper
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Stylé! love it, I agree 100% too!
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@FRESHASFIASCO Atlantic Records made him change his music. On the bright side, it's still pretty good and he's finally as famous as he should've been years ago.
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@FRESHASFIASCO agree 100%.......
FRESHasFIASCO's picture

This isn't the same Lupe that I became a die hard fan of 5 years ago :(

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