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Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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MuslimahInTheHouse's picture

Which song I love best is the most difficult question you could ask me. ahhhhhhh......... well, I really love Words I never Said (i can relate cuz im muslim XD) and never forget you. dam I hella want one of those posters!!!!!
ttacollover's picture

my fav song is the show goes on. even if ur life sucks, it will get better. the song means a lot to me because when ever i feel like my life is terrible it shows that it will get better. u just keep looking forward.
jnj1313's picture

well i love so many of his song but the only reason imma pick go go gadget flow is becuz no matter wat u can just tell he always is himself and love 2 have fun doing wat he loves something ive always admired about lupe u couldnt even put the word real next 2 lupe in his music he cant be compared 2 it he just simply says and writes wats really on his mine he's been like dis since food and took a while but he finally getting the recognition he deserves! LUPE DA TRUTH!!
Graham's picture

Dumb it down from The Cool This song has great lyrics and flow, and of course Lu still gives his views about society and music, while sticking with his sick style, the style that made him the best rapper alive!! He shows how society is trying to make him one thing and he just is above the pressure to change. The song accurately describes the while rap world and how Lupe sticks with his flow.
208franchise's picture

Instrumental.. (Lupe knows whats up)
brooklynn's picture

Words i never said ft. Skylar grey Because in hip-hops popularity contest, Lupe Fiasco is the observer, a man brave enough, to dictate the acute thoughts that his peers ignore. now, that is cool.
LayZ's picture

hard choice but i have to choose "He say She say" It's a great story that's so real, and from just switchin from 3rd person to 1st person adds so much deepness to it, i still get chills from it
2truth's picture

Favorite Song: It is hard to pick just one so I will put up 3. This does not diminish the love for any other LF song. 1. American Terrorist 2. Words I Never Said feat. Skylar Grey 3. State Run Radio On "American Terrorist" the lyrics below ring true because as a nation we claim to help others while disrespecting their culture in the media. We also ruin places we claim to bring democracy to through irreversible tactics like the use of depleted uranium and resource depletion. nigga they ain't living properly break 'em off a little democracy turn their whole culture to a mockery give 'em Coca-Cola for their property Words I Never Said reminds me that I have fear to tell the truth. State Run Radio is like all media run by those in "power". Media in the U.S.A. is propaganda repeated "over and over again " until the masses buy it and repeat it as truth.
kuMarine's picture

State Run Radio (feat. Matt Mahaffey) I love this song because of its organization as a cause-effect/solution argument with heavy satirical use. He states the problems, draws connections, then offers actions that work towards a specifically un-argreed yet ultimately understood to be more benevolent end....truly outstanding artwork from an artist that the same compliment would merely be an understatement.
scottilew's picture

My #1 Lupe song is Fighters. This song makes me think about my life. Wanting to disappear from my pain, making me think back to not having my father in my life, making me think of all the failures that I've had, and people I've lost in my life. What am I here for? What am I fighting for? Why do I go through all the pain and sadness? "Is it cars? Is it girls? Is it money? The world?" This song brings tears to my eyes when I listen to it because it's genuine. And then I think...I can change this. I'm a fighter. Through all the downfall, I can make it through to be something that no one else has ever been: a survivor. This isn't a song that can be played without you thinking about yourself and your life. With God and my heart, I can make it. Why? Because I'm a fighter and I will fight to the end. Even if I don't win a poster, I just wanted to let everyone reading this know that this song means everything to me and helps me to want to wake up every morning to fight through it all again.


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