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Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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ahmedabuyasein's picture

im going to say words i never said for the content of the song it makes us realize our regrets nd how we shouulda said something when we had teh chance to nd being a young muslim i could relate to when he says islam is not about killing
Heidyyy's picture

My favorite Lupe song would have to be "Words I Never Said" because I L O V E the lyrics they are so real and the music video is really good too. I would also have to say "Daydreamin" would come in second because that song was playing during my first kiss with a guy that I actually really cared about (:
dlew's picture

"The Instrumental" - Good music is all about being able to relate to the subject material, and I can thoroughly relate to the lyrics in this song.
DEEJAY BURAS's picture

"all black everything" i world without racism! nothing can compare to that. see in this song lupe rewrites history as we know it. and i think racism is so hard to get rid of in our society because we are too prideful to let go of our history and rewrite our future.
Freedom_2's picture

Daydreamin'. The verses in this song are sensational, magnificent and spectacular.
Salv's picture

"Show Goes On" Is my favorite song because it inspires me every time I feel down, or when I am having cloudy thoughts. It makes my lyrics as a songwriter that much more great, I love the song and its message. This is music with meaning and I thank Lupe Fiasco for making the music he makes. Thank you P.s. If you can check my work out go to google and search up "We The People" by: Duet Preme
faisal94's picture

My favourite lupe song is definitely little weapon of the cool because it sends a strong message about what is ahppening around the world(especially in the intro) and it has a wicked flow to it. Sorry i didnt write an essay but can have a poster anyway.
brndonhrnndez's picture

Well, lets see. My favorite Lupe song thus far would be, 'Beautiful Lasers'. It's my favorite song because it shows us (His listeners/fans) just how much Lupe has struggled but yet that never stopped him. I relate to the song in many ways. Every word in this song is so powerful that it breaks boundaries. Everything said in this great song makes an impact on someones life, I believe so strongly. for example, in Lupe's own words, "Sometimes living in a world like this, It’s pretty hard not to go insane. Not pretty if you don’t comply, Pretty easy if you don’t complain." who wouldn't get goosebumps from that. Every single time I play this track, its like I'm right there standing right next to him and I wanna aim for the impossible and never stop until I achieve what I'm aiming for.
AngieG91's picture

Honestly, i was going to say American Terrorist, because although i listen to a lot of different Hip-Hop artist, as well as other music, that was virtually the strongest song i had ever heard at the time, especially because of its message. I had never heard anyone say such strong words in a song, since N.W.A. Then again i'm only 19. But now,i would have to say that my Favorite song, not just from him but in general would have to be Words i Never Said. First off because never in the history of forever have I heard a song start of with something like " I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit". When he said that i was like damn, because that's something everyone, well most people think, but never say it out loud especially during time like this. Which leads to to MY FAVORITE VERSE OF ALL TIME : I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence, Fear is such a weak emotion that's why I despise it. We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth, So scared of what you think of me, I’m scared of even telling you. I thought it was pretty dope how he was able to hit a nerve, while causing you to think. I went inn on this post but, he is the reason why i started listening to Hip-Hop again, so.
LupeAbdi's picture

My favourite is "Worlds I Never Said" and " Never For Got You" Because both songs its dope, amazing and beautiful to lisen, and i love both of the songs. We Are Lasers :D!!!!!!!!!!!


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