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Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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mikelones1023's picture

This is a tough choice, but I'd have to pick "Switch (The Science Project)" as my favorite Lupe Fiasco song. The Fahrenheit 1/15 mixtapes were the first I've heard of Lupe. This song always stood out to me for several reasons. First of all, the flow is ridiculous. He follows a rhyming pattern that most MC's simply can't reproduce. The way in which Lupe takes a familiar beat, and makes it his own proves his creativity, but the content of the song is undoubtedly the most impressive aspect. He constantly switches back and forth between the positive, inspirational artist, and the "typical rapper." He's become quite good at mixing satire with pure hiphop.Lupe Fiasco forever changed the game.
socksnflipflopsi's picture

"The Instrumental" will always be my favorite. The beat is amazing and the lyrics flow so perfectly. I've heard so many different interpretations of this song. The way I see it the song is about obsession with media influence. Whether it be television, radio or film. We become addicted to these things constantly consuming and its okay because everyone is doing it. When we discover we have formed an addiction to media we look to the same media to free ourselves. Ex. TV commercials telling kids to stop watching TV and go exercise (Hilarious). It was great seeing Lupe Fiasco perform his more controversial song on Colbert. I feel like not too many shows would be gutsy enough to do it. The performance was fantastic, but what I really enjoyed was the interview. It gave people who weren't familiar with him a chance to understand the man behind the music. Keep Up The Good Work Lupe. FnF Up (Also "And He Gets The Girl..." is fire.
soadfan4ever's picture

"Words I Never Said" because it was the first Lupe Fiasco song I had ever listened to. Such a great song with a powerful message. It should be playing on every station coast to coast. Found in on a mixtape. Bought all three albums, got the Fahrenheit 1st and 15th mixtapes and every single I could find that he's performed on. They've spent the last three months in my cd player and iPhone. These ablums have reignited my interest in hip hop, with each song having real life elements and social commentary. I'll definitely be looking for any work you do in the future. Such an amazing artist, keep it up Lupe.
underachiever31's picture

"Intruder Alert" is my favorite song cause it speaks to me on so many levels. Artist's dont make songs for people to relate to anymore but Lupe does. The simple but groundbreaking beat and the vocals in the chorus and they amazing verses lupe puts together with the suffering of a girl how has putting up walls of the past and the 2nd verse talks to me so much cause i can relate to it. it has helped me through so much in my life. I look up to Lupe for what he has done for me through his music
Tallowah's picture

My favorite Lupe song is without a doubt "The Cool", Because to me nothing can touch his first album because the beats were so unique and the songs were so lyrical, "The Cool" told a story and it really emerged you in that story by tellin it so in depth and than building his second album off of it. The lyrics just can't be touched, the beat is so unique, and the story is just so envoloping and imaginative. That is the main reason why I love that song so much and why it is my favorite.
knight634's picture

Beautiful Lasers.... I thinks that's my favorite song aside from the whole album, because there's a lot of feeling and description in it. Not just about what you feel as an artist, but in what we all feel in everyday life.I'll quote you, "no tears in the face of defeat ... pretend to the end that you don't fear change ... don't admit that your faith is weak." That verse alone inspires and motivates me to become a better artist. Your doing awesome work and i've been a fan since Food & Liquor - Kick, Push. Keep up the great work, and keep ya faith strong, like you have been and you'll continue to the top, Sky's the Limit >SA PhotoZ
PackAttack12's picture

I would have to say Put You On Game. The depth of the lyrics on this song is incredible, it really makes me think about the things around me in this world. Along those same lines is the reason why I like Words I Never Said so much too. Music today is just the same stuff on a different beat, there is actually meaning, depth and feeling into not only these songs but all Lupe's songs. Keep it up! Can't wait for the next album and the next and the next and the next... hahaha.
cmora99's picture

love the new album, your lyrics are incredible and inspirational. i hope there's more to come !
MFA's picture

HURTS ME SOUL! one of the most complex songs since it features a variety of topics, but so powerful. CAN'T HELP BUT FEEL SOMETHING!
Kenan7's picture

Lupe, theres no word or phrase to describe your music. your my music is extraordinary.


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