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Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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AngieG91's picture

Honestly, i was going to say American Terrorist, because although i listen to a lot of different Hip-Hop artist, as well as other music, that was virtually the strongest song i had ever heard at the time, especially because of its message. I had never heard anyone say such strong words in a song, since N.W.A. Then again i'm only 19. But now,i would have to say that my Favorite song, not just from him but in general would have to be Words i Never Said. First off because never in the history of forever have I heard a song start of with something like " I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit". When he said that i was like damn, because that's something everyone, well most people think, but never say it out loud especially during time like this. Which leads to to MY FAVORITE VERSE OF ALL TIME : I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence, Fear is such a weak emotion that's why I despise it. We scared of almost everything, afraid to even tell the truth, So scared of what you think of me, I’m scared of even telling you. I thought it was pretty dope how he was able to hit a nerve, while causing you to think. I went inn on this post but, he is the reason why i started listening to Hip-Hop again, so.
Salenro31's picture

The Coolest is definitely my favorite. The reason why would be because of its insane lyrical genius that got me hooked to listening to you. Mainly want it for the obscene obsession for th bling that would come with the delight of this.
LoopeFiasco's picture

The show goes on, and not because of it's popularity I like how it applies to everyone, everywhere. It says to get back up if you're down and to always look toward the. the best Lyrical and actually the most inspirational (in a way) song i have heard in an awfully long time.
Jdizzle74's picture

I love all your discs but, American Terrorist is my favorite by far. To put that much American history into one jam and not only make it flow flawless, but to have it make sense is mind blowing to me. A person that likes to think I have flow, this takes a muhfu*** back to the drawing board. Very conscious yet no hip hop distilled. Outstanding player!
sd10mg's picture

For me it has to be Little Weapon. This song made me appreciate your ability to tell a story through your songs. Your rhymes, and flow take the listener's on an experience provided by no other artist.
jr paperstax's picture

Switch Is such a creative song there are many different aspect to it you can look in different ways. such a great song
Tori's picture

Kick,push is my all time fav cuz it reminds me of all the good times i had in Los Angeles with my friends and skating in el segundo and Venice beach. Superstar too reminds me of memories in Los angeles with my friends.:)
HoodNerdHybrid's picture

The Coolest is my favorite Lupe song for it's lyrics. They are so deep and paint a vivid picture in my head. "And if the rain stops, and everything's dry, she would cry, just so I could drink the tears from her eyes..." enough said
Vickjf7's picture favorite science project ever
stapatrick3's picture

Kick, far his best jam because its true lyrical genius and just gets me in the mood for anything. Lupe above all


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