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Signed Poster
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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simonj's picture

DAY Dreaming ............. is da jam, by far!
xmdbx's picture

Twilight zone is my favorite. I like the release of Lupes mind. But The National Anthem is by far the most lyrical.
Deebee004's picture

"beautiful lasers" is by far my favorite. It shows what lupe went throughout when he was going to commit suicide. It is very deep and a song that I believe many people can relate to.
gchfan69's picture

"Hurt Me Soul". Number one it was the first lupe song I have ever heard. Number two I personally feel like this song has the most meaning to it, especially that I can related to. Its one of those songs that just makes you think.
blueprint87's picture

Definitely hard to pick a favorite Lupe song. However, I would have to go with "Dumb it Down." Lyrically it represents Lupe as being one of the best and most complex. As for the message, it still is able to make comments on the state of the music industry, the perceptions of hip hop culture, and society.
KrauT's picture

Yes Please!! Words I Never Said is my favorite. Very powerful message my man!
MacBogdan12's picture

"Little Weapon" is my favorite song because it shows the hardships and injustices faced by the "invisible children" from a daily perspective in their lives; furthermore, this is a topic that recieves very little coverage by artists, or the media for that matter, and needs more recognition in order to save these children and hopefully provide them with the education necessary to better their lives..
penandneedle's picture

my favorite song by lupe is real recognize real because that was the first song from him i heard that wasn't from food and liquor and it was a good song that introduced me to his concept characters for The Cool
whiteboyrapper's picture

the show goes on because it is so inspirational and it inspires people to always try there best
Brumski88's picture

Little weapon without a doubt. The drums are addicting on this track and the lyricism is incredible. This is one I can put on repeat all day long!


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