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Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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bigmaaan's picture

Of all of Lupe's music, I would have to say "Little Weapon" is my favorite because it tells of how the new generation is corrupt and if we don't do anything to fix them, our upcoming world leaders will be completely corrupt and unreal. This is why I love listening to Lupe: he is the only REAL hip-hop artist that means well for America despite his religion. That is why I am a Laser.
Hawkelement's picture

I'm going to have to say "Dumb it Down" is by far the best Lupe song, solely for the fact that it is entirely truthful, and sticks to Lupe's ideals. The last verse, after everyone in the song telling Lupe that his songs are too complex, states "How can I get on a song with you?" which goes to show that although complex, Lupe still draws the attention of everyone, because he is just that good. But Mcfly is a close second, just because the beat is so unique. :3
RbThaWhite's picture

Words I never said and Never forget you. They just hit me in such a personal way. I love when songs really connect with you when u listen. Every album lupe releases just blows me away. he's only gettin betterwith time, and nobody can stop him. Keep it real and keep on rappin bout what others wont talk about.
AFG626's picture

Words I never said because it's a very controversial song and most celebrities stay away from stuff like that cuz they don't want to kill their career as a result. But not Lupe, even though he's one of the best rappers now, he still speaks the truth. Great job Lu!
rusty60101's picture

Even though it is the most "mainstream" of all his songs, I still have to say "Kick, Push" is my favorite for many reasons: 1) Nothing beats a summer day skating around town...2) I can't help but be in a good mood whenever the song comes on...3) I can relate to alot of the concepts in the song and have felt the same way. The trials and tribulations of starting something like skateboarding, the abuse on the body, and yet in the end, it's all worth it. Once I started skateboarding when I was a teenager, I never once looked at the world the same ever again. Suddenly concrete blocks became obstacles, staircases became gaps, and every cut and scratch became a badge of honor. You risk your health and criminal record just for that one millisecond of euphoria. It's something you can't explain until you're in it, but it changed my life forever. I think this feeling is what this song is all about. Said best here: "He said it was somethin' so appealing He couldn't fight the feelin' Somethin' about it He knew he couldn't doubt it Couldn't understand it Branded, since his first kickflip he landed"
jstjean74's picture

Words I Never Said. Mainstream rap is full of guys who sit here and spit for the money and fame. Lupe is real. Every one of his tracks has real meaning behind it. Go back to "Hip Hop Saved My Life" and actually listen to his lyrics. On his interview with Colbert he said, "Always fight back against power". People in power always take advantage and we need to keep them in check. He's not afraid to say what's on his mind because that's who he is. Third verse gives me chills. "I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence. Fear is such a weak emotion that's why I despise it." Lupe is forever a legend in rap.
Chosen1Khaled's picture

"I'm Beamin" Hands Down.. It's the Soundtrack to My lIfe. 2nd is "Little Weapon", Every time I hear It, It reminds me how blessed I am that I escaped that part of the world. Palestine Stand Up!
Matt caslin's picture

Words I never said because I agree with what lupe's saying and the truth he's speaking needs to be brought to light.
Sk8rsam's picture

Words I Never Said and All Black Everything because it has a deeper meaning than lil waynes style of just sayin "fuck bitches, get money". dont get me wrong lil wane is a good rapper but lupe is an amazing rapper with an amazing message.
jschreib22's picture

If I had to choose, I'd pick "Beautiful Lasers [2 Ways]" as my favorite song. It shows why Lupe Fiasco is better than every other rapper because his songs are deep and have meaning. Its such a deep, dark song that I can really feel and relate too. His lyrics have changed how I view many things in life, and I really appreciate Lupe for the artist he is and the impact he has had on his fans.


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