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Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 6 months ago

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Lazer's picture

"say something" remix off the enemy of the state mixtape is hands down one of the best examples of how Lupe's metaphors and word play is on another level from other artist. He rhymes palms, pawns, and ponds like it just rolled off his tongue. The only thing more fun than this song is singing Lupe the killer FnF up
rmathews10's picture

Favorite song on Food and Liquor is Daydreaming, its just a all around dope song, beat is tight, lyrics are poetic. The cool would be Hip-Hop saved my life because its got a real flow to it. Lasers would have to be Words I Never Said because I share similar political views with lupe, All black everything is a close second because he raps in an afrocentric perspective with sheds some light on real life.
UngDynasty's picture

Favorite Lupe song is Real Recongnize Real. It was this song where I finally got a vivid image of the characters the Game and the Streets. Lupe is a master storyteller with his rhymes and these characters he created are so clever because it's what he see's in the hood. Younger kids falling in love with the Streets, which is described to be a female "demon in a dress, with dollar signs in her eyes and seamen on her breath. But the character, Game, in this song represents a "super gangster" with blunts for fingers and hollow tips for teeth which wants to turn younger kids "cool". It's so genius how this tied together the story with Michael Young History (my cool young history). The story's and word play I can talking about for hours. Real Recognize Real Just the title alone is clever. There's so many Lupe songs I really like, but this one stood out because it's a early track that was never released but tied together what Lupe was talking about in the 2nd album. "Switch" from the 2nd mixtape might have to be my 2nd favorite Lupe classic.
Ambition's picture

'The Cool' from Food & Liquor! The way Lu paints a image for the listener is awe inspiring, he crafts the song so that you literally SEE what he's rapping about. Definitely one of the best storytellers in Hip-Hop!
LuvLupe's picture

My all time favorite is Streets on Fire, that song is beyond words. But for the moment "Words I Never Said" is my favorite because it's very personal for me. I have been on my own personal journey the past 6 years. My world view has been changing and I have become more of an activist and interested in what is going not only in the US but in the world socially and politically. It has been hard to cope with the contradictions in my life. I found it hard to balance my habits of consumerism and pop culture with my new enlightened outlook. I also had a hard time expressing myself. My thoughts and opinions were met with ridicule or at the very least judging looks. I had to learn to accept all parts of myself, even the parts of me I felt needed work. I have recently learned to embrace myself and my views and express them however I see fit. Being able to express myself also gives me the confidence to let go of my old habits. The last verse and the chorus are what give me chills, it's like Lupe read my mind to write this song. It does get loud in your head with all your thoughts if you never express them. You feel like you're crazy and no one understand you. Words I Never Said is about more than just "having the balls to speak your mind" as someone else stated. It's about really accepting who you are and being confident enough in what you believe to share it with other people. LOVE YOU LUPE!! YOU ARE TRULY MY INSPIRATION!!
sgTheCool7's picture

Intruder Alert is a deep song - it touches on real life issues and hardships that many people are forced to cope with. It is unfortunate that many of these people have no real outlet or means of support. I feel that this song gives voice to many many of those people who may otherwise have felt as if they were alone and uncared about.
siyn's picture

Lupe the Killa from Touch the Sky mixtape. He straight up murders the track. Truly great lyrical display.
Kpiff3's picture

Words I never said is by far the best song and my fav. It def hits me hard when I sit down and listen to it. Goes out to my boy who decided to take his own life. RIP Shimmy
Savemytrillsoul's picture

SHINING DOWN This track has all that is badass and righteous. Beat down the haters by shining down on um. The lyrics define a rebel with a cause. Lupe is a an artist with not a single masterpiece, instead there are many. Much love Lupe Fiasco. The people hear ya!
freddig's picture

Never forget you, because it's like a whole different side of the artist that is Lupe Fiasco, and I love it. I hope to hear more like Never Forget you, because the song has got to be one of my favorites of all time already, and I've had it stuck in my head since lasers first came out!


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