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blkbrn313's photo 2011/03/09_21:35:38


blkbrn313's photo 2011/03/09_21:35:38
Posted by blkbrn313
Posted byblkbrn313
3 years 8 months ago
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Uhh, lupe makes drug and gang reference all the time. Have you ever heard switch? Thats lupes hood side and good side on one track. Dont forget that lupe is a product of the ghetto, he just didnt let it shape the person he's become. The man's message is stay true to yourself by ANY means, and influece others through action. If the guy blows tree than so be it? dont knock him. In doing that your sending the opposite message as lupe. AND he bought the album, my dude? Your all throwing so much hate around, sounding exactly like the people whose minds lupe is trying to change. "Hoods where the heart is, nerds where the words from. Don't represent neither because i merge them."(Lupe V.) #Think about it.
blkbrn313's picture

All you fuckers that think I'm a bad person can fuck OK i smoke but that does not mean I'm a bad Person i been listening to Lupe since lupe the Jedi he has help me threw a lot of shit in my life so all you bad mouthing me can Eat A Dick cause I Don't Care what you think and Lupe if you think its wrong come talk to me yourself i bought your album in the store and on Itunes true fan weed is not bad the people who abuse it is i rest my case
LupeFanDk's picture

So if he bought the album? He is sending a bad message by doing that, cause lupe does not encourage anybody to go that way, and by him putting lupes album next to some weed and a bong is wrong....
Marvel-FnF's picture

Hey hey let him do what he wants; the important thing is that he bought the album lol.
LupeFanDk's picture

That is disrespectful, to everything lupe raps about, and you are destroying a message right there, Its not LOSERS its LASERS
Hamzeh's picture

your a stupid idiot lupe raps about exactly the opposite of what you do so kids wont end up like your stupid dumb-ass. i hate ppl like you...
MaraMazing's picture

lol reallly? ahahahha

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