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Lasers Cover Art


Lasers Cover Art
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 10 months ago

In Stores/Online March 8th

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Carvelle's picture

how much the album cost in stores
julian's picture

can't wait for the album to come out!. For all my true hip hop and lupe fans out there.GET READY. the streets gonna be talking about this upcomig classic album coming out. ONE LOVE. CHI-TOWN STAND UP.
TrakkadaKidd''s picture

this album is going to be the shit!!
Bianca Christine's picture

i love u
AWatkins92's picture

MikeGtown2's picture

cant wait for this.. im excited for the album and the t shirt i ordered
BlackPhantom's picture

Can't f*ckin wait
XavierRuffin's picture

While at Marquette earlier this year, Lupe talked about the weapons of the week witch we can see being put to use here in this photo. Where the word LOSER in neon lights may symbolize corporate America's branding of certain individuals the spray painted A of anarchy might be seen as rebuttal to that misnomer. A rebellious use of a 3 dollar can of paint that changes the meaning of a exponentially more expensive sign. Personally, I love the use of neon lighting here. It reminds me of Bruce Nauman's work.
lupefanatic's picture

pretty simple compared to food & liquor simple always wins though :) "give me one, cause one is best" - coldplay
JulieFBaby's picture

love it!


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