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Scan With RedLaser


Scan With RedLaser
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 9 months ago

Scan this QR code with your Smartphone by downloading the RedLaser app to preorder Lasers and get exclusive bonus content!

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M_I's picture

Can't find the app on Nokia Ovi Store
Brook Samuel's picture

its not letting me submit is anyone else experiencing this
Maiello7's picture

When is the exclusive bonus content dropping? and how do I get it?
droid's picture

deeeeznutz's picture

hella red flags come up when i try to access this through the web.. saying there are trojans and stuff.. idk if this is legit.. i want the the stuff but i dont know if its worth the risk.. just saying
cabeera's picture

just open the app on your phone and a box should show up where you align the bar code. it doesn't work unless you move your phone back far enough that the entire picture up there is showing. then it just takes a second and it'll redirect you to a link!
rudy.ydur's picture

just preordered!
ayoflo's picture

How do u scan the picture!!! I got the app but idk how to use it
MikeGtown2's picture

great job lupe this was fun haha
CelsiusFully87's picture

So this will be the actual cover?and I wonder if Lupe will have some bonus tracks too


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