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Scan With RedLaser


Scan With RedLaser
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
3 years 9 months ago

Scan this QR code with your Smartphone by downloading the RedLaser app to preorder Lasers and get exclusive bonus content!

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xfactor's picture

For people without smart-phones he said come back tomorrow, check his twitter
Prada's picture

How can i pre-order the album without a smart phone? Cause i really want to pre-order it now and also get the exclusive bonus content :(
CJones2010's picture

man what if you don't have a smartphone?
ayoflo's picture

Whats the qr code?? Idk how to scan it -___-
xfactor's picture

Yeah that site seems kinda fishy....I'll wait til Lupe puts the actual link up on this site since I don't have an iPhone
Jahorse's picture

AVG detects Blackhole Exploit Kit (type 1380) on
escapism's picture

Nooooo! I don't have a smartphone!! ): The website's blocked (at least for me) if you try to access it through a webbrowser. ):
ryannieland's picture

Below is the site that scanning the photo takes you too. You may want to be sure that it still works fine before pre-ordering though. Deluxe version is sweet. Don't know what size of shirt to get though. Wish they had sizing info.
Slarsenr's picture

Don't know why you can't see the link.. here:
Slarsenr's picture

Here guys:


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