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The People Speak


The People Speak
Posted by Busy
Posted byBusy
4 years 11 months ago

Airs December 13th @ 8/7c on The History Channel.

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BLACK BUDDAH's picture

The people speak but words arent being spoken/ you cant"show love" when your hearts not open/ you cant walk the street as a beast when deep inside your tail is tucked/ how you explain to ya' man his bail is fu@ked/ in his crib, with his shawty, sipping Remy ma tryna taste his Lady Luck/ YEAH, you "real niggaz" can be shady as fu@k/ old headz crying on the phone like a young buck/ did 3 joints and made it back to the block/empty still got my pcokets on lock/ still making "Beans" but like Sean connery i'm glad i made it off the roc(k)/ inspiration isn't always fluent sometimes it just inspires.
ImagineThat's picture

Expecting a great show...
CheckPlz's picture

cant wait till the 13th : TiVo set

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