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KMEL Summer Jam 2011 Interview

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on August 21, 2011

Lupe chatted up backstage @ KMEL's Summer Jam last night. See above!


Tania's picture

you should do a collab with blu :)
Chahtawoman's picture

going to see Lupe for the first time if you've been to the Mann in Phili and HOB in Boston which be the best venue in terms of acustics? Was gonna go to the Chicago show that was cancelled cuz it was my Bday, this is a belated present to me, going alone don't want the cheap seats, does anyone know what preferred seating at the HOB-Bos really is? is it just the mezzanine? thx Lasers
smartjoc34's picture

CRONS Germany needs a lil weapon... holla at King David

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