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World Premiere: "Words I Never Said" [Video]

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  • World Premiere: "Words I Never Said" [Video]
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    April 28, 2011

    What did you think of the video? Post your comments below lasers and let us know!

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Busy's picture
on April 28, 2011

What did you think of the video? Post your comments below lasers and let us know!


KaylaPross's picture

I love the video! It does a great job showing Lupe's delivery! I wrote a blog post about his comment about Obama! He interviewed in style with his aviator sunglasses! Check it out!
SoHail Mary's picture

lol, love the video, but the cheesiest part was when lupe fought the guards. Just saying. but i have to give him some props. If i was doing a video like this, i would probably do that too. --SoHail Mary
Anthony's picture

This video and song are amazing, you are one of my main role models and one day I hope to meet you through my own music. Once again great song and video you are indeed one of the best mc's out there.
taz's picture

on second thought, im sorry. im not retracting my critique, but i am simply trying to better situate it amongst my predominant belief in your good work. i would not like my concern to be the jist of what you hear from me as an avid listener. you feel fiercely over the injustices of the world and you suffer to bring those to light and provide hopeful correction via your lyrics. thank you. there is a weight that you carry and im not trying to make it heavier. peace brother
B Fred's picture music video of 2011 hands down Lupe Fiasco has been my favorite rapper since late 06 and will continue to hold that spot down
Fatima Khalil Clair's picture

Rap is new to me. I never felt like it could parallel anything that I could relate to. Lupe; you remind me that there is much that I continue to strive for. God Bless. -Fellow Laser
Nikki's picture

Ahhh my gosh i love this song!!!!! Love the truth. Only thing thats ever made sense to me. I really love your vibe, your swag, and the knowledge that you push. the fact that you don't need to rap about cars and hoes and gats. Your reasons not for money, and the fame is just a plus. Cant say that i like anything else more then what your puttin out right now!!
Musicheals's picture

This song to me says all the stuff people won't speak. I mean it's obvious in the song but that's freakin deep. I love Lupe he is raw and the best rapper in this time. Speaks the truth sends a message. That's what you gotta do now a days
Jduff4's picture

@Taz I know where youre coming from but I'm pretty sure that the fight scene was lupe making fun of other videos that have fight scenes as lame as that. I believe it was a parody. I think lupe is too smart to think that had any artistic value unless it was a joke.
taz's picture

It is heartbreaking to be filled with hope at the peaceful words that you eloquently spit out and then become entirely deflated of that hope as you thwart your entire message through the promotion of redemptive violence at the end of your video (i.e. the fight scene with the guards). again, perhaps never have i found such resonance with the lyrics of an artist and such resonance with the victims whose aid you defend, yet perhaps never have i been so let down by finding a chink in a chain that throws the whole thing to the garbage. violence breeds violence. peace breeds peace. "the problem is im peaceful..." I did believe it, but now i have to challenge your statement. I would humbly ask that as someone who offers up a prophetic voice to a generation of young people you would consider a re-release of this video with a brand new ending in order that your message is no longer self-defeating but rightfully exposing, inspiring and convicting. my suggestion? perhaps an ending where you take the place of the woman. yeah, its a bit less glamorous but honestly all of the power of your words becomes bullshit if you cannot accept this paradoxical reality of love.
cookieS624's picture

this video was awesome loved everything abt it. loved the fight scene kinda felt you always had that in you lolz. all in all.....great video
Child Rebel Soldier's picture

Love it!!! Great video, really great! Well done!
CGE's picture

inspiring. Hope you know that your courage to stand up and speak your mind when it isnt necessarily the most popular or financially responsible thing to do, is truly an inspiration to those of us who see whats going on in the world and scared and concern with the direction that our society is going. Dont feel like I am crazy or alone in seeing that shit needs to change and that no one but ourselves have control over our future.
A.R.C.'s picture

I hope this gets alot of airplay good job lupe this video tells some truth to it when u speak up everybody looks at you like your crazy then when u get them listening the higher ups try to shut you down
Patrock17's picture

What can i say Nice video!! like the fight scene too, waaah!!
lupesprincess's picture

this video is just like every video he ever made POWERFUL!!! big ups Lupe
Jeremiah D's picture

Dope, makes u think.
audrizzel07's picture

Love this song and every word iz true.........the news iz filled with a whole bunch of BS
Fara's picture

This blew my mind. Lupe Fiasco continue to prove himself the best rapper alive. I love you Lupe I was going crazy at the ampitheatre for you hahaha:)
snppy911's picture

great message and great video to match. keep speaks the truth as the world needs artists who aren't phased by the bullshit like atlantic. the only thing i want to ask is why the egyptian amulet here? any one got any feed back on what it means or its purpose. obviously theres gonna be some illumati conspiracy but the specific focus on it didnt seem relevant at all to the message.
Muziq Connoisseur Dame Diezil's picture

perfect video....i love the fight scene....I DONT WANNA CARE RIGHT NOW/OUT OF MY HEAD video next PLZ
Lexx77's picture

I absolutely love what u say and how u say it!!! I just wish that there could be something done to not only enlightens others who need this but to activate them into doing something about something, anything! The plight of our people looks depressing and its time for real change! I commend you for having the guts to go against the grain and tell it like it is. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one left with a voice against things that are not right...Please keep making music that’s worth listening to and continue to be who you are and do u!!!
TheFiasco_2's picture

This video and song are amazing. It gave me goosebumps and i even teared up a little the first time i watched it.
Marvel-FnF's picture

Marvel-FnF's picture

A little freaky but i dig the fact that everyone's wearing muzzles to represent how no one speaks the truth and youre the only one speaking your mind out. I think the chick being stuck on the chair with that device on her face was creepy tho..... lol
cyanide's picture

Nice! i feel like they made him hold back tho, like it could have been made way more personal but you know how they are with censorship and such.
mannierivers's picture

AMAZING!!!! Thank you Lupe for staying true! You are an inspiration!
KETSADO's picture

I love how the muzzles on everyone's faces represented how no one wants to speak out their opinions. But no one can keep Lupe's mouth shut! -FnF Army
badzio's picture

WHen will it be on youtube because i cant watch it on MTV someone knows?
I__SawDay's picture



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