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Who Wants One?

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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


brockStar's picture

Kick Push II. Kick push was the first lupe song I heard. But kick push 2 gives a whole nother level to kick push, and vice versa.
Omwebu's picture

My Favorite Lupe Song is a Tie(SOrry) between DayDreaming & Im Beaming, In DayDream the sick metaphors in the first verse and just the whole song is amazinggg! In Im Beaming is basically what ive always wanted in a Song, Excellent hook/Chorus, amazing Rap and THe Beat was out of this world.!
alexdcruz's picture

Kick Pushh, its been one of my favourites for years.
pm93's picture

I was considering picking Catch Me I'm Ballin just cause I've been jammin' to that for like a straight week... but I'm going to have to go with Little Weapon. I love how Lupe puts the spotlight on child soldiers across the globe, and provides deep insight by singing a verse from a child's perspective. Aside from the song's obvious meaning, this song has got a crazy good beat and me and my friends JAM to this song before a basketball game to get pumped up. We even tried to have it as our warmup song but school administration shot that down... still my favorite song of all time, no lie.
Chaboyer19's picture

Hey, you are my favorite rap artist of all time! My favorite song of ALL TIME that you produced is Kick Push, why? Because it is the ultimate skatin song! Id love to have one of these! Thanks!
AunTime's picture

Off of Food & Liquor: "The Instrumental"- this track was just powerful in its own right. the lyrics were fire & but an interesting perspective on the influence of media has & how it can envelop the masses. Off of The Cool: "Hello/Goodbye (Uncool)"- this track got me, the darkness & ominous tone of the beat from UNKLE & the hard hitting lyricism comin' out of Lu destroyed my idea of simple concept tracks. To go in so deep on this beat was the only way to do it. Off of Lasers: "Beautiful Lasers"- i called this my hands down favorite track off Lasers when I first heard Lupe performed the unfinished (acoustic) version live during the Steppin' Lasers Tour. It was instant solely on the lyrics, I honestly connected to it fully, feelin' the exact same way as if the lyrics were expressing my thoughts verbatim. Now it means even more to me, reminding me everytime it comes on of someone I lost. Off a mixtape: "Happy Industries"- this was just a fun track with a fun flow that is just fun to play. you can't go wrong on just having fun & it's on a Gorillaz song that is bangin' on its own. DONE!
carlob7's picture

hip hop saved my life. at first, i fell in love with it because it had a great beat and lupe just killed it with rhymes but i hadent even realized the meaning behind the words. i cant even remember how many time sive put that song on replay
niquesterShh's picture

There are so many that I love, but I have to say that He Say, She Say is one of my favourites. I chose this one because the message speaks to me so closely. And I relate to the a very personal way.and I get so emotional whenever I hear it, I even cry sometimes.
London18's picture

Words i never said!!!! Words that should've been said and that one man is brave enough to say. If everyone was as honest, brave or courageous as him then none of those words would have been needed to be said. Keep up the good work lupe and keeping sharing you're words cos there are a hell of a lot of people who are willing to listen!
LASER4Ever's picture

My favorite song would definitely be Words I Never Said. It's just so truthful. Nothing in it is a lie. I bet every person in America has something they've never said. It makes me feel that their is someone aware of all that is going on.
KANDAY's picture

American Terrorist has to be one of Lupe's best. The truth in it is undeniable. Fearless to speak his mind and spit knowledge. BOSS.
blueprint87's picture

Definitely hard to pick a favorite Lupe song. However, I would have to go with "Dumb it Down." Lyrically it represents Lupe as being one of the best and most complex. As for the message, it still is able to make comments on the state of the music industry, the perceptions of hip hop culture, and society.
CDub039's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song is Words I Never Said. It is such a true song that speaks the words that need to be said. It makes me think about the words I have never said when I knew I should have said them. I think it is a song everybody needs to listen to because it describes the current state of our world so well.
Jose Ybarra's picture

"The instrumental" has to be my favorite Lupe song. Actually my favorite song of all time period. The message of the song is so incredible. Nobody else in the world makes music like that.
Trent's picture

"DUMB IT DOWN" This song just speaks to me. The song focuses on your thoughts and lyrically it is untouchable. With your words you express the hypocrisy of today's Hip Hop industry that promotes non-thinking and makes kids follow the crowd. Your lyrics have multiple meanings and the spoken parts are what really drives home your points. People today are told that being uneducated is the norm and when people accept it our society suffers. We finally get your answer at the end of the song when you say, "Bishop G, they told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refuse I ain't dumb down nothing." FnF Up Thank you for performing "Words I Never Said" on the Colbert Report. Your words expressed on National T.V. is a very influential thing and I'm sure you had many people thinking about what is going on in the world.
kaytaustin13's picture

Definitely "Dumb It Down." The flow is incredible, and the meaning behind the words can make such an impact on kids today. I'm a social rights activist, and I think Lupe's messages in his songs are so inspiring. Keep talking about the important issues, Lupe. We're all listening!!!
Kevlar2351's picture

I have a hard time only deciding on one track to choose as a favorite..I'll pick two because they just get me hooked every time I listen. The first one is "The Instrumental" on Food and Liquor. Lyrically it's just so raw..flow is ridiculous..I get hooked everytime I listen. I can't help but put it on repeat every time it comes on. Not to mention I wrote to this beat years ago. The beat always stay in my head..just sick all around. Second one I'd have to say is Paris, Tokyo. There isn't a time where that song comes on and I skip over it. It's such a chill song with a different perspective than most. It's a song that I can listen to no matter what mood I'm in. It's that chill. I had a tough time leaving out others, so here they are: Dumb it Down, Letting Go, Beautiful Lasers (2Ways), Hello Goodbye (Uncool), The Cool, and Sunshine
PrimmTime's picture

Words I Never Said. Favorite song by any artist, every time I hear it sounds as good as it did the first time. To say it has a great message is an understatement. Glad to see an American was as horrified by the events in Gaza as I was and that it wasn't condoned by us although Obama is so much better than the alternative that a vote for him may be tough but the right thing. It took major guts to call out the bs on 9/11 which I loved. This song is extremely inspirational and I can honestly listen to it all day and not get tired of it. The war on terror is a bunch of bullshit!! I really hope to hear another song like this, maybe Words I Never Said part 2? That would be awesome. Everything about this song is just amazing especially the lyrics.
i made an account 4 a poster's picture

my favorite lupe fiasco song is words i never said because it speaks so much truth
oxyglycerin's picture

Lupe Fiasco's best song is Kick Push part 2 It shows another side of skateboarding Lupe fiasco for life FNF UP sTaTic hAwk
cnel's picture

"The Show Goes On" because the first time I heard it was in Panama City Beach on Spring Break!!! It blew my mind.
OptionaL's picture

I love so many Lupe songs like Never Forget you, Words I Never Said, and Kick Push. But my favorite one is Shining Down because it is very inspiring and the lyrics are great!
nerrazuri2893's picture

ima have to go with the SLR freestyle. Every lyric is amazing. Lupe delivers on every track!
bronbron2312's picture

The Coolest would be my's so intricate and so many different it feels so's like a movie....When i hear it I usually close my eyes and get as close to breaking my neck as i can get lol
daniel's picture

and he gets the girl it is an inspiring and truthful story
jakeman68's picture

Daydreamin' is the best for sure. It always leaves me in a good mood.
Phiasco's picture

"Handcuffed, Northface over the face with no comment"*
Phiasco's picture

Also to the poster below me, Hiphop Saved My Life was dedicated to Pimp C, that wasn't at all where Lupe came from. :p
Blatz's picture

Coulda Been - Lupe Fiasco What's not to like? Verse 3: "I coulda been marching with Martin, handcuff, nullface, over the face with no comment. I might not even be dark skinned, I might not even be conscious, comatose from a Over Dose. A R&B singer blowing the notes, tailor sowing the coats, a sailor rowing the boat. I coulda....Boxed a little, fought for the Title, lost, and lost my vitals on the way to the Hospital" Gives me chills everytime
gustavog117's picture

The Coolest, it has a beautiful instrumental, amazing metaphors and wordplay that I love and you use so much in all your songs. Thanks for keeping it real Lupe.


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