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Who Wants One?

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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Scar's picture

Mine is probably words i never said, He actually raps about things that matter, and he put himself into it. This song was the one that got me listening to Lupe! :]
LUPE_1Fan's picture

Another favorite song that i liked, only heard once was a song lupe did in concert... he called it "scream" it was sick, but he doesnt have it out on a mastered song so the quality online isnt good
Sumu's picture

I love "Jesus walks (Mohammed Walks)" from his first mixtape Fahrenheit 1-15 "the truth is amongst us" because I am also Muslim, and it really makes me feel good to listen to the truth!! "Don't think Osama and Saddam is our leada's, we pray for peace but the drama intrigues us..." With so much criticism towards Islam and Muslims this song really spoke out!!
Anthony Struck's picture

we can do it now because it inspired me to write n, along with much more, i came up with this first verse of a song titled "this is my life" this is my life n im lovin every minute finally my time to shine, now just for sum recognition everyones betting against me so im shovin every chip in cuz little do they know anthony strucks that one in a billion i was stuck n empty feelin like, fuck it imma kill him then i seen this preminition i was drunk n spendin millions tacklin the game dont need to summon kevin williams cuz chances are youll crash like sets of drums wit seven cymbals im sumthin like a pilgrim, this reservations mine whats insides been fixed up time to restorate the shine confidence is risin high as elevatin rhymes youll neva bend or break my stride its hella devestation time i could smell a hataz lie, you could tell first place is mine before the revelation you will see this separation bind neva eva traced a line so imma sell this great design well you say im crazy right? i guess john wayne gacys alive
john7743's picture

My Favorite song is Put you on game because it is very angry and has some great lyricism and I like that whole album.
jhop05's picture

words i never said is my is amazing! great message..!
masave's picture

"Kick Push" Caught my ears because I knew this brother was an original, which hip-hop really needs.
jhop05's picture

my fav. song is Words i never said...because its such a great song with such a great merssage!!
rrjensen's picture

Right now, I really like Words I Never Said. It's a real interesting listen, as you hear some of Lupe's political views. Also, the first line in the first verse is such an attention getter. Hooks you right in and doesn't let up.
Musicman35's picture

My favorite song is probably "I Gotcha" beause of it's clever lyricism and word play. :)
HR Paperstacks's picture

Hip Hop Saved My Life. It was the first song by Lupe I ever really listened to other than Kick Push and I just fell in love with his words after those 4 mins. I remember playing this song on repeat for like 10 minutes straight. I was really bored with all the songs getting played on the radio and I was searching for new music to listen to and everything Lupe said just hit me like glass. I was like THIS is what I need in my life and proceeded to buy The Cool and I've been a fan of Lupe ever since. I love you Lupe! :)
Jmoon007's picture

They're all good. But my favorite is "Words I Never Said," because; He is speaking from the heart about how he really feels; he's honest; he's passionate in the song and you can tell he put his all into the lyrics; he raps about the importance of speaking your mind regardless of what others may think; my favorite line is "I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence, fear is such a weak emotion, that's why I despise it" because it's true that remaining silent on important issues such as war or genocide is only enabling these things to continue; and finally, it's a good song because not only is Lupe a lyrical and artistic genius, but it's got Skylar Grey singing the chorus and she has a beautiful voice. Overall rating to "Words I Never Said": 11 out of 10!
MikeDawg's picture

Hurt Me Soul. It's such an incredible description of life. The production is sick, lyrics are on point and perfectly delivered by Lupe... Such an amazing song with an amazing message.
Phrasure's picture

My favorite Lupe song? Like, as in, ever? I know it's a single, and I'm not normally the guy to favor a single, but "Words I Never Said" is a beautiful song. Lupe's personal, heartfelt lyrics combined with Skylar Grey's beautiful singing voice, and a raging chorus over a loud, dominant Alex da Kid production? I can handle that. Not to mention the video is absolutely phenomenal.
LupeTheKillaaaa's picture

Well it would be have to be "Kick, Push" First heard it in Mid October when it came out I fell in love with the beat and the lyrics i was 10 or 11 at the time so i didn't know that much about metaphors or any of that but i kept getting older and i started to understand it more, and more before long i was bumping lupe till' this day now i still like his F&L, And "The Cool" better i like that old lupe flow with lyrics that have deep meaning LASERS!
jbarron1212's picture

He has so many good songs, it all depends on whats going on in my life. But I would have to say, I love "He Say She Say", it tells a story, and thats what I like about Lupe
amiah's picture

My favorite song has to be "American Terrorist" from the food '& Liquor album.And it was not so much the beat that got me, but because the words of the song had so much truth that i couldn't help but revel in the knowledge that someone else realized that America is its own terrorist.
colombianolindo1's picture

Favorite Song has to be "Switch". The intricacies involved in that song, is immense. Every verse, and in ocassion when he says Switch he presentss of a type of personality. Its like a yin yang view. You see the hustler, the worker, and the mediator; throughout the song. That's why this song is so fiendish, and my favorite. (even though all his songs are literally my favorites.) -NiveK
UnquelyBlessed's picture

Solar Midnite because i love the mix of rock and rap plus the love story is beautiful
thebonger's picture

Hip Hop Saved My Life: I love this song because it tells a story that is so real. The song connects to so many people and shows just how powerful and meaningful the culture of hip-hop can be. I love the positivity. Thanks Lupe!
Jordan_2's picture

My favorite song has to be either 'Till I Get There' or 'The Show Goes On', because they remind me not to give up and keep moving forward.
LuDaGreat's picture

Wow, that's actually tough...Favourite song, Lu kills every track he makes so this is hard I really liked Never Forget you...not really into dat kind of rap much but when Lupe did it i really felt him...It helped me out, i recently lost 2 friends in Libya, dey were 15, 13 fightin up against Gaddafi's forces... May God grant them heaven (Inshallah) really felt dat favourite i think would be handcuffs...shows not all niggas in da hood are bad depends on da situation...used to live in da projects where u get judged by how u look..i was 10 and some five o beat me for reachin into my pocket...Dat would be my fav track cuz of dat particular message...FNF UP!
R2s112's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song has to be "The Instrumental" from the "Food & Liquor" album. I like message of song. I think it's about someone who's being brainwash by TV. This song never get old for me. I can play it 100s times.
MattGriebel's picture

Well it might be hard to label a favorite, but "Love letter to the beat" will always motivate me to find an understanding in the point a talented artist such as yourself may be trying to get across. At first I didn't comprehend music for the truly major messages exposed, but I have a new-found love for music and people such as Lupe, B.o.B., etc. I enojy Extra Lasers alot, keep up the great work Lupe and always do it for yourself as you have been, many more people are subject to waking up this way! =) Hip-Hop saved my life, might be a favorite too... always too hard to label your thoughts. -Matt Griebel
Az's picture

He Say She Say and Little Weapon. The beats are dope, but the lyrics are just amazing. I've never heard music so fresh, with a real story and message. Both songs were friggin inspiring brother.
LUPE_1Fan's picture

mediajunkie's picture

"Daydreamin'" it was the first song i heard you on, made me buy a hip hop album, something i hadn't done in a very long time... been following ever since.
brad1991's picture

Words I never said. Lupe kills it lyrically first of all. He really touchs on things in society that are effed up and really need to be brought to light. Really awesome that rappers like Lupe have an opinion on what's going on in the world. Gets young people informed on events to stop ignorance about public perspectives that are just messed up. love this song.
Next Tier's picture

Well this is tough but one of my definite favorites is "Fighters". I fall asleep to that song every night, it's really emotional. It's sad when I listen to it, but I feel happy after it ends.
itsteeyoushlaagx's picture

Words I never said- the lyrics are just amazing and I don't think there's a song like it. The song shows the serious side to you- and how you're not just any ordinary rapper, and there's so much more to you than being hot and flyyy ;) listening to that one song made me wanna buy your whole album :) which btw is freaking amazing ;D btw come to london pleaseeeee? (aa)


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