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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


nix217's picture

My favourite Lupe song has to be one of the hardest songs I've ever had to answer because i have tracks i love because of the lyrics and others i love because of the beat...that being said I'm going to say dumb it down because the beat is hard and the lyrics are ridiculous! Also this song marked a momentous occasion when my mother heard a hip hop track that i played her and for the first time she actually liked it! She appreciated the lyrics even if i did have to play it a few times for her to understand all of it (but who didn't for that track?)
aaaliyahhh's picture

My favorite Lupe Song is Kick Push because it is all about never giving up on your dreams. When you fail, you shouldn't give up. There are tons of reasons to keep trying. When people get in your way just move right along. Kick Push is the definition of succeeding. Lupe succeeded with this song and now he is a hip hop phenomenon.
adib93's picture

Two favorites, both from The Cool: "Gold Watch" and "Dumb It Down." I think they both have a similar independently-minded, nonconformist message, but musically I like each of them for different reasons. The sample from the Prepositions on "Gold Watch" is plain genius: funky, aesthetically interesting, and unique, which complements the individualist mindset that Lupe advocates. On the other hand, "Dumb It Down" is pure poetry, simply on an intellectual level above a lot of other hip hop. The complex rhyme structure, the wordplay, allusions... it all contributes to a great song with a great message: "They told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refuse; I ain't dumb down nothing."
dannycatalano's picture

Love Always Shines Every time Remember to Smile. What a great mantra to have! Been following you since Food and Liquor and you always continue to bring it and give the fans what they want, music that reaches their core. Music is the only thing that can change someone's mood in an instant. Keep doing your thing, can't wait for Food and Liquor II! FNF UP!
Jaimee-Ian's picture

Well, its really hard to pick only one song from the entirety of Lupe's discography, but I have to say that my favorite is Hurt Me Soul from Food & Liquor. I love this song because this was one of the first Lupe songs I'd ever heard and this was the song which made me realize how powerful of an artist Lupe can be. I love Lupe's progressive songs like this one because few artists are willing to bring awareness of the ills of the world into their music, especially in Hip-Hop. Personally, I think this song is perfect: the production is fantastic, Lupe's lyrical talent is phenomenal, and the multiple calls for change in society during only 4 minutes is just inspiring especially in the midst of an industry which seems to be encouraging the glamorization of negativity. Poster or no poster, I'm glad to be able to express my thoughts on Lupe's music. Peace & Much Love To Ya! LASERS
freddie_818's picture

yoga flame!!! the word play in the song is so siccccck
MisticalMarc's picture

Right now it has to be "Till I Get There" this song is my favorite because it showed, unlike other artists, you have remained loyal to your fans and most importantly yourself. It taught me that no matter what people say or do to you to change you, you'll reach happiness, it just takes time.
stavy's picture

Hip-Hop saved my life!!
GambitFTW's picture

"Words I Never Said" recently this is all i can listen too because it has a strong message that everyone should do what is right and act out no matter what.
TonguetotheSun's picture

Hurt Me Soul - The beat is amazing, The lyrics are amazing. Perfect song.
ThePoopyOne's picture

I'll go with Hurt Me Soul, it was the song that got me into Lupe, back when Food and Liquor was about to drop. I could wax sentimental about why, about how music is one of the best coping mechanisms, but I see I have already been beaten to the punch by a thousand people. So, hopefully it will suffice to say that I am a big fan and would really appreciate the poster. I lost my ear-piece, I hope ya'll hear me...
mjbunch72's picture

"The Emperor's Soundtrack" without a doubt. I love the emotions in it. "I only fear God." How can you NOT love that line?! The beat is amazing, the lyrics in it are amazing, simply cannot top this one, though quite a few songs have come REAL close. "Here we are, entertain us"
WEA04's picture

Tie between Pressure, Dumb It Down, and Words I Never Said. With Pressure the beat sounds like its straight out of an 80's action film and the verses are great. Dumb It Down I love because its basically you dissing the mainstream industry and saying that you'd rather stay smart and go over peoples heads. And Words is just what the world needs. Its courageous. And for that, I thank you Lupe!
TAKEMONEY's picture

the coolest is def my favorite song... its almost word for a word a description of my life... this is tommy takes representin the knuckle brothaz crew outta astoria, queens!!! i just saw lupe at the roseland ballroom on easter... he rocked the house fo sho!!!!! although im 27 and i think i was the oldest cat at the party, lol... made me feel old!!!! but i been with u lupe, maaaaaan, from the beginning... im a true lupe follower man, i know all his joints... and being a writer, composer, and engineer, i actually listen to the lyrics, lupe is that kid with the notebook i made friends with in high school, the one who could magically transform his thoughts into a dope song!!! the one who put the battery in my back for me to go make a difference!!!!!! keep up the good work lupe!!!!! ur the freshest rhymer in the game today!!!!! and u do it all for a positive cause!!!! id love a poster with that scribble on it, LOL it dont even lok like an autograph HAHAHAAAAA ONE LOVE.... KNUCKLE UP AGAINST LIES, KNUCKLE UP FOR THE TRUTH, KNUCKLE BROTHAZ IS WHERE YOU CAN BE YOU!!!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE & PEACE & RESPECT!!!!!
MommyKayJr_lupelover's picture

as unoriginal as my choice may be, i pick the show goes on! i don't OwN any of lupe's cd's yet as i'm a brand spankin new fan!!! but my baby girl looooooooves the video as much as her mommy does, and it makes me super happy to see her dancing to it. i probably haven't even HEARD the best lupe song yet because i've only heard the radio stuff, but i can't WaiT for him to blow my mind some more! and lasers will DefinitelY be my first lupe purchase! you know what my favorite thing about lupe is though? he's REAL, and he's very humble. i am just Dying to see him in concert so i can hopefully meet him. i'd feel blessed just to be in his presence.
phaminite's picture

You have it. That which every other star wants. You have it. "It" is called "class".
Bashlio's picture

"The Show Goes on" The reason why this is my favorite song is because it has a message that you can overcome any obstacles in your life and be successful by being persisting in pursuing your dreams just like Lupe Fiasco has overcome them and reach his dreams.
L4SERZshineDOWN's picture

my favorite song has to be He Say She Say. The reason being is that i can relate so well to this song. i grew most of my life without my dad and just my mom to support me. and i always knew she was there when i needed her especially when i was screwing up in school and now she knows that ill always take care of her when she needs me.
Chacho's picture

Superstar. I remember it was a dark time for me when the song came on the radio. I don't know why but something with it resonated with my soul. It was the song that started my Lupe obsession and even though I've listened to every Lupe song thousands of times, my iTunes can't keep track of how many times I've listened to this one.
Jjkatina's picture

My favorite Lupe song's gotta be He say She say. Im a highschooler in an inner city school and I see the damages of fatherless homes everyday. I think the song is the story of a countless number of my friends and it also made me so thankful to have a dad who is involved in my life. As usual the beat to the song is intoxicating and the lyrics just really hit home with me.
maxamus11's picture

Man how could I forget.... my absolute fave Lupe song is "Life" w/ K.Fox because it is so intensely personal. It was like he was peering right into my childhood when he said "they teachers say that they just come to school to flunk, but its some that only go to school for lunch... and that's life." I was literally in tears the first time I heard that song because I was one of those kids. Thank you Lu, for your continued honesty. Peace&Love,
yahyaibrahim's picture

asalamualkum first off i would like to say i missed out on kicking it with you when you went down to that Muslim camp down in so cal i hate my self for that. ughh, but my favorite song by you will be words i never said just because i love the fact that you're telling people the truth about whats really happening Palestine, no one cares about. also how you defend islam and tell people how we are not really suicidal killers. andd last but not least i also do "think the war on terror is a bunch of bulls**t". one love Yahya Ibrahim
xxalex34xx's picture

Hip-Hop Saved My Life, I love the story line
Hussein's picture

My fav song is Muhammad walks. Lupe took a great song and made it relatable to me. That is my favorite quality of your music; so many lines and verses I can relate to personally!
UPCtheBiz's picture

My favorite song has got to be "Till I Get There". It's not my favorite song because of how fun and upbeat it sounds, but because of the story it tells. It explains (quite comically) the strange, extraordinary bounds that the music industry goes through to groom the perfect artist. Lu talks all about the fear of changing into something he doesn't even recognize. The last verse really gets me though, especially the first few lines "And when I finally make it, I'ma stunt so hard/Evil as Kenieval, I'ma jump so far/Way into the atmosphere, I ain't comin' back/Be a jerk to them jerks yeah! That'll make 'em hurt!". Those lyrics get me because they describe the tenacity of every young, aspiring rapper. It reminds us that we all want the same thing in the beginning. And most important, it reminds us to always remember where we come from. "Till I Get There" is definitely one of the most inspiring songs that Lu has put out, to me at least
Tyrizzle's picture

Hip Hop Saved My Life. because inspirational and the story being told of Slim Thug
Dinero's picture

My favorite song has to be Hip Hop Saved My Life because Lupe is the best storyteller in the game hands down.
Silenceviolence's picture

MEAN AND VICIOUS!!! Song is too witty!!! It's always cool to hear Lupe brag every once in awhile. The gun powder leaking barrel is one of my favorite extended metaphors from Lupe!
rdervan258's picture

My favourite at the moment is "All Black Everything". Lupe shows us his dream of a perfect world and the images are just beautiful
griff_smith's picture

kick, push. real creative joint and i love that it tells a story about the skating struggles. nobody has done a track like this.


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