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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Buzzer's picture

Not sure if it counts but Go to sleep. Just made me realise that Lupie is the best rapper in the world. Not because he has the best beat or makes the best songs as to be honest any one can do that. Its because his words mean somehting, not about some relationship no one cares about or being hard but about real life issues that the world forgets. The fact that you can listen to this song and feel cleverer at the end than you do at the beginning is why its my favorate.
Beamin2010's picture

My favorite song is Daydreamin'. Lupe doesn't have to fake what he raps about like those on mtv or other music channels, he's real. A lot of other rappers tend to mirror the image they see from eachother but Lupe refrains from following the crowd, independantly repping his own rap style. Lupe Fiasco is a lyrical genius and I know I'll be a die hard fan for the rest of my life. Keep up the good work Lupe, can't wait for Food & Liquor II!
dragonfly8859's picture

the show goes on by far....this song motivates and inspires me. i have been through some rough stuff and it reminds me to keep my head up and move forward. situations and people only hold you back if you let them... thank you lupe :)
alex_8's picture

"Hip hop saved my life" because it's a story of how hip hop truly can change someone's life. It shows the power of music, a power people sometimes underestimate or fail to see. It's also ridiculously catchy!
gjgarcia19's picture

Its Almost impossible 4 me 2. Pick one song Hip Hop jst saved my life, shinning down,coming up, fighters.etc but rite now my favorite rite now would have 2 b letting go lupe has such a way with words honestly I belive he is probly one of the best things to ever happen 2 music LASERS!!!
MixdownTK's picture

Go Go Gadget Flow. All I can say is the flow is nasty. "That case in the court did not defer the dream. I am still a raisin in the sun, ragin against the machine."
AlextheWeiz's picture

Daydreamin' because the lyrics are just so dope. Lyrically he is on a completely differrent level from anyone else out. He's right up there with Mos Def.
Lilz719's picture

Daydreamin... it was put together perfectly, and I can relate my heads always in the clouds :)
Dresfromdk's picture

"Dumb it down" is my favorite. Pure genius.
mysterious01's picture

The Show Goes On. Because life is one big show and it waits for no one.
Sian's picture

My favorite Lupe song is a tie between "All Black Everything" and "Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways)". These songs (as well as many of his other songs) have so much meaning and really give me motivation and determination to prove everyone who told me i can't achieve my dreams wrong.
STARB3CK's picture

Lasers: "Till I Get There". I was going through girl problems and it really helped lift my mood. It is beautiful in it's simplicity. The Cool: "Little Weapon". Amazing flow, and I love how it connects issues everyone can relate to, not just one side. Food and Liquor: "Sunshine". Amazing love song, it's real and honest. It was always my favorite. Other: "And He Gets the Girl". One of the first songs I heard from you. It was after I heard your stuff with Fort Minor, and it got me hooked. I was able to relate and it was so different from a lot of the Hip-Hop I had been hearing lately.
FueledBlack's picture

All Black Everything. Cuz I luv politics in music. Gotta reach the masses somehow!
UDELLER's picture

Hurt Me Soul....lyrics are dope loved lupe since day 1 kick, push dropped....FNF UP cant wait for always shines every time remember to smile
Wonrat's picture

By far the best song is Streets On Fire! Lupe talks about how easily society is manipulated into believing "credible" sources. He talks about how everyone has a different view point and not to let fear control your judgment. It really is one of his more "truth" telling song about how our society operates.
Mcduffy's picture

He say she say, this song is by far one of my favorites, this song is very personal to me, as i went through a similar situation growing up. And i realize that u may have many father figures but you will only truly have just one mother. without our mother we would not even be here. ps. this is my moms favorite song and she doesn't even listen to English speaking songs that often.
Pkap24's picture

Hurt Me Soul because the second verse is one of the best verses I've heard. "I had a ghetto boy bop a Jay-Z boycott because he said he never prayed to God he prayed to Gotti... I'm thinking golly God guard me from godly" "What constitutes a prostitute is the pursuit of profit" Love it!
VJ's picture

Lupe, you are my favorite artist by far. I only signed up on this site, to learn more about you. Kick Push made me love skateboarding, I love your tracks, they keep everything real..I'm only 16 but you are a very and inspiring person towards me, thank you. :) -VJ :)!!!!! Please, I'd really like a poster with you autograph. Much love bro.
Sanitizethelunacy's picture

My favorite Lupe song is Hip Hop Saved My Life. It's so real and relatable to anyone with a dream, whether it's in music or otherwise. I've shown that song to all my friends and it's impossible to not like it. LITERALLY gives me chills everytime I hear it, right at the part where it says he rapped every single word to the newborn child. Powerful stuff. Keep up the good work, man. Also just for good measure, My favorite LASERS song is Never Forget You. Lupe + Legend= Lupegendary.
tdawg33's picture

Break the Chain- This song has a sick beat and everything flows. Lupe killed it on this track and so did Sway. It was the first song that jumped out at me off Lasers.
Cornel Westside's picture

I CAN'T CHOOSE BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT I STILL WANT A POSTER!!!!!!!!!
Creativepank's picture

My favorite is "Put you on game" and "the die" its bittersweet though. Those songs make me emotional more than any song ive ever heard. The way you describe how the game is glorified when in the end its all a mindset that breeds nothing but death and negativity. Every word is what i would like to tell my brother and father. When i hear that song i only wish i could make them listen and hear every word so that they can see whats important. I want everyone to hear it and listen people willl sacrifice anything and anyone for money, glory and power, its too much to explain in this box, and some things cant even be put into words. But lupe does it
Joneil Alcock's picture

"The Show Goes On" is my favourite of the songs I've heard from Lupe. It has a deep pulsating beat and catchy chorus. However the lyrics on each of the verses are diverse but portray the strong similar theme of keeping tough and doing everything to the best of your abilities. This song means so much to me because I feel a connection to the words and rhymes and wish myself to impart as much positivity out of my life as I can. There will always be disappointments but failure only comes when we give up. It's alright to make mistakes but if we can face each day knowing that Love.Always. Shines. Every-time. Remember.2. Smile then "The Show Goes On" forever.
edgar86's picture

Daydreamin' it touched everything in a new creative way
bkariya22's picture

My favorite Lupe song, despite it being a terribly hard choice, would probably still have to be Hurt Me Soul. This is my favorite song because it captures so much about Lupe's childhood and how he became interested in hip hop, as well as the hypocrisies he faced in doing so. He soulfully describes how he hated the moral vices in hip hop, even how he lost respect for a hero of his, Jay Z, yet he still found himself in love with hip hop. Finally, he moves into a much broader scope by linking what he saw in hip hop and how it was similar to what he saw in real life (perhaps with emphasis on what happened in the ghettos). He then cleverly, artistically lists/describes many of what he considers the major vices in this world in the third verse. On top of that, all of his raw human emotion and introspection is laid over an incredibly soulful beat and his lyrical craftsmanship is superb. Lupe is my favorite artist of all time, and this song is an excellent example of the lyrical flare, emotion, and positive character that Lupe carries, no matter what your favorite song may be.
TheSuedeLaser's picture

Twilight Zone or All Black Everything, the genius use of the English language in either song is used to describe current situations, they speak volumes.
pjb75's picture

"Break The Chain", You speak to the youth of America through your music. You stay true to your style. Your lyrics have meaning unlike most artists in today's industry. You say what you feel. You give hope to the youth of America that we can change our world and our society. I feel like BREAK THE CHAIN is telling us to do just that Break The Chain of what we know and what is wrong with our society. Your music give me hope about our world. Thank you LUPE!
itwasafridaynight's picture

ighters, because he talks a lot about his family and you can tell they mean a lot to him, and is thankful for everything he has.
Loops1Fan's picture

To choose just one song as my favorite would be impossible. However if I had to choose one from Lasers it would most def. have to be "Words I Never Said." the message is one that hasn't been even touched by any other artist. I personally told Lupe how much I appreciate his message at his Chicago album signing. To have this poster to add & to show my soon-to-be wife (whom I proposed to on the night of Lupe's album release party!) & InshAllah our future family together of one of my all-time favorite Hip-Hop artist would be MY dream come true.
Ko's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song is Hurt Me Soul because the many layers of the meanings behind each intricately placed word shows the truth and poet mindedness of Lupe. Honestly, I love every Lupe Fiasco song equally, but Hurt Me Soul literally speaks to me because of the validity it has in each statement.


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