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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Srich's picture

State Run Radio. "Build your own station/Become your own DJ"....excellent lyric/metaphor for the many social changes Lupe envisions for the world. Couldn't agree more!
SaadG's picture

Solar Midnight: because this song is what brought me into your music, it's very compelling, it's truth full just like the entrire lasers album, and teaches you to get rid of your fear amongst the world, and live your life the way you want to instead of what was planned out for you.
OneTimeToMFG's picture

My Favourite Lupe Song is "Superstar" I Remember the first Time i hear this song and saw the video and was instantly i fell in love with that song ...Everytime i saw the Video on The TV i turned up the volume and I couldn't stop clapping and singing the song and that's why i'm in love with that song and today is one of my essential songs :)
uniwrestler's picture

Lupe you newest CD was dope man but for sure my favorite song on it was All Black Everything. The true meaning behind a world without racism. I love the story that you put together the jacksons, MLK eminem if there were no racism it could have been a world without any discrimination. Unbelievable song definitely one of the most meaningful songs on your CD if people would listen
rgclarke112's picture

The Instrumental! This song means so much to me because it highlights what I believe may prove to be the Achilles heel of our generation. That being the majority of our generation is all to ready to blindly swallow anything that is force fed to us by the media, or society. The song is about someone losing their voice and being left with nothing more than background noise, which is a great analogy for the predicament that our generation has found ourselves in. I say everyone, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE needs to think, and feel, and love for themselves and not for anyone else. And most definitely not because that's what society says it wants from you, but because you are an individual. An individual with experiences, and morals, and a mind all your own. Embrace it!
lenard's picture

"Hurt Me Soul" Hands down This song really touches me this is actually the reason why i actually got in to hip hop
SuaveAdrian's picture

"Hip Hop Saved My Life" because I remember I had lost faith in Hip Hop being what it used to be and I just foresaw the commercial exploitation of the music and when the cool came out I thought Lupe would be one more artist taking on that mentality. But knowing he took after Nas, the man who pronounced hip hop "dead", I had to give the song a chance when I saw it come up on youtube. That's when I noticed that Lupe was an upcoming rapper that had something to say and I have respected him since them. Lupe is in this for the music and that's why I respect him!
basil's picture

My favorite song by Lupe Fiasco is The show goes on because it talks about the world and its problems we try to fix.
Skwerl's picture

Favorite song? "Little Weapon" no doubt! Love the imagery it portrays and the feeling you get of being in Africa na d seeing these kids walking around with AK's. Makes me appreciate the struggle they endure and the stability in my living situation.
Saul Castaneda's picture

The Show goes on" it tells me that no matter what happens in my life and how hard it gets, I need to preserve and fight through it. At the end of it all, it will all get batter"
zfreeman85's picture

American Terrorist and Words I Never Said. These two songs show how well educated Lupe is with what corruption is really going on in the world. They also show what kind of balls he has to even put out songs like this in mainstream music. Then he stands up against the labels that want him to change his lyrics because they are too real. What a Patriot! That country stuff you did live at Miami of Ohio was dope! lol Hook me up with a poster!! screw the NWO!
dmcobern's picture

Daydreamin' because it goes so hard live. Of the three times iv seen lupe live its been the highlight of the show. LUPE GETTIN HIS ROCKETS ON!!!
iokuachanin's picture

My favourite from LASERS is beautiful lasers because it helped me through a bloody rough time! Thank you Lupe
hak32001's picture

Dumb It Down...The flow and the wordplay are insane. Also shows you don't have to be like everyone else to be successful!
Ed_harvey's picture

Daydreamin' just because its an awesome, catchy tune plus it was the first track I heard by Lupe and from then on i've been a massive fan of all his work! Keep up the good work Lupe!!
madou06's picture

i think hip hop saved my life is the best and it represents lupe's thinking
YESSICA's picture

Enemy of the State: A Love Story ( cassette style version). lyrics lyrics energy.
ssharifi90's picture

Words I Never Said because it's REAL. It's the most powerful song I have ever heard.
KurtstyJ's picture

Words I never said! It was deep and if you don't say what you stand for or how you feel no one can hear you. You never know if what you had to say could've made the difference. I even got the chorus tattooed on my side that's how strong I felt about this song. All his songs are great though.
chrisc657's picture

Gotta go with Hip Hop Saved My Life. The lyrics are so real and true and have so much depth and meaning. Of course the music itself is awesome and Nikki Jeans adds such a great touch on the chorus.
Mickey Fu's picture

Beautiful Lasers- this song lifted me back up when after a few months of my father battling not to go to Jail... Thanks Lu. Unfortunately he did... cause he gave up. but i never did for him.. and i stay push on for him
Awesome2318's picture

My favorite song is Shining Down because the lyrics speak the truth especially when he says people would rather buy FEDS magazines instead of National Geographic. "Well Im not having it"
LadyLaser's picture

I think its IMPOSSIBLE to just pick one favorite song, so I'm gonna have give a quick breakdown on my top 5 :) BMF: I love the switch up into POSITIVE lyrics, shining some light on people like Malcolm X and Martin Luther, verses Big Meech and Larry Hoover. And the idea of "building minds faster" is just beautiful. Words I Never Said: Who doesn't love and respect a song that speaks nothing but the truth?! (You want the realness? Well, I gotcha!) Go To Sleep: (#1 on my itunes with almost 800 plays!) :D CRAZY wordplay and metaphors! It seems like I catch something new every time I listen to this song. This is an eargasmic song at its greatest. Put You On Game: The lyrics and the way Lupe dictates the words is incredible. His style of rapping is so unique, unlike anything I've ever heard before. This song has a flow thats on a whole 'nother level of UNTOUCHABLE. Beautiful Lasers: Lyrics that cut so deep, its been a LONG time since I've had a song that touches my soul the way that this one does. I love to see the positivity and bright energy that came from such a dark and negative time. Remember, love always shines :)
Kolsakfrm503's picture

Mine Will have to be " Paris Tokyo ". I am in the Airforce and am currently stationed in Germany/Europe and i love traveling and meeting new people along the way. This song always hits me and makes me relax cause it basically relates to what i have been going through for the last year and a half. The song to me basically describes how Lupe Travels all over the world For his fans wether it's in France,Rome,Brazil,Japan despite him having a relationship.He also makes friends along the way on his tour. Even though she can't be with him she tells him basically that she supports what he does 100% and that she will always be by his side. "I really missed you, each and every night I kissed you In my dreams, 'fore I went to sleep, to La-La land to count them sheep" "I know my world tour's like war to you, But Ian said, "Aloha," and Harley said, "Cheers!" Julian said, "Bonjour!," Big O was like "Yeahhhhh!" Amanda and Lemessie want to know when we goin there. Edison sends his love, so does the rest of the club Of the international play-boys and play-girls"
glowpasa's picture

promise you im ur #1 asian lupe fan. been to every single one of your new york shows this year. no such thing as a fav song cause they are all awesome. but if i had to choose one, i would have to go with daydreamin! grammy winning regime! give me a poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SolL's picture

Hurt Me Soul- True insight to Lupe and his dedication to each character created in each verse makes the song so great. Definitely a song that I keep on replay.
ronjohn90's picture

Little weapon from The Cool. The drum beat in the back is sick and so are the lyrics. Good commentary on the contrast between our culture and cultures we tend to ignore for our own conscious sake (see Rwanda 1994)
pandalikespie's picture

"he say she say" because i grew up like that not knowing where my father is, why he doesnt come to see me, my mother being the mom and dad at the same time. every time i hear it, it makes me realize what a faggot my father is and what a strong woman my mother is.
charlestoton's picture

OH and i almost forgot: my favorite Lupe song is Fighters with matthew santos... just because it really spoke to me when i first heard it and it helped me get through the shit i was going through at the time. PLUS i was at the fye in chi town but wasnt even able to get in since it was already all RSVP'ed out.
LupeDaJedi115's picture

There is WAY too many Lupe fave for me to just pick one, but I looked through my collection and one that stood out right away was "Lupe The Killer". You tell me his flow, his double entendres, his wordplay wasn't slick & outlandish and I'd have to say you're out of your mind.


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