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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Jaketm's picture

'Kick, Push II' The song is chilled, has meaning and a message, it's relatable, and catchy as hell! That piano is dope. "Wasn't nothing back there but the blackness, life wasn't too attractive."
lupelizz's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song is The Instrumental because he's being so real. Everything people see on TV or hear on the radio they feel they must do. So many people follow society's standards and rarely show who they really are inside, they have no voice or say in anything. They learn to love what they see & hear & try their best to be that way, never trying to be an individual. Then he shows the side of the people they hate the fact that they do everything society asks but they can't figure out how to stop. The song is so real. "He just sits and listens to the people in the boxes, everything he see's he absorbs & adopts it, he mimics & he mocks it."
stonedghst's picture

my favorite song you ever did is "could of been" because in that song you touch on so many facts that the average dude in the hood is going through i feel the same and you even point out the fact that you could of been anything you wanted but you chose music but if it wasnt for musc you woulda been ether working at a gas station beggin or slangin and thats the facts we dont got alot of choices out here and you just got lucky _stonedghst_
patelt91's picture

Streets on Fire! This is ONE of my favorites (to many to choose from), This song really tells the Story of HIV-AIDS, and it is truly sad that the world is dying of this epidemic; OR you can compare it to George Orwell's AMAZING BOOK 1984, Where people don't realize they are in this "fabricated world"... The reason I like this is because it is up to the listeners interpretation as to what exactly he is talking about, adds room for opinion. It's like the Mona Lisa of music, Why was Mona Lisa expressionless? Many have their answers but only Da Vinci knows, same with Streets on Fire, What exactly is he talking about, but only Lupe Fiasco knows.
bekahfiasco's picture

Beautiful Lasers- It is one of my favorite tracks because it helps me whenever I put myself down or don't feel good enough for anyone. It shows me that even the person that looks the happiest suffers sorrow and depression at one point in their life. It really showed me that Lupe does have a heart and understnads and even feels what people go through everyday. This track shows me that there is another way other then killing yourself. It shows me to push past the pain and strive for my best.
generalsharky's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song is Hurt Me Soul. The way Lupe covers the overwhelming amount of problems we face with such beautiful lyrics and beats is absolutely amazing. His critic of hip-hop and the issues artists could speak about instead of the same old guns/bitches/bling stuff is what is needed to help remind rappers that there are more serious things to talk about.
spitz1674's picture

Angels Remix off Enemy of the State. Just great lyrics so many metaphors on a great beat. The NJ/Anaheim line is awesome
dexwash's picture

Put You On Game!!! Eye opening and necessarily REAL!!! I play it for my younger cousins who love to try to be overly gangster!!
0paige3's picture

The Instrumental is Lupe's best song. I can run to it for hours. Just set it on repeat and go.
Liv Hilton's picture

i don't wanna care right now
jazzylady's picture

Even though it's so hard to choose I would have to say my favorite Lupe Fiasco song is "Kick Push". I love the meaning of this song and I love the way it makes me feel everytime I listen to it. Lupe is amazing :)
Da1Spartan's picture

It's really hard to choose, but one of my favourites is Words I Never Said because he says things most people are afraid to say and exposes the truth. He also defends Islam :)
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steeltownrep's picture

The way you mixed up "The Show Goes On" is dope. Everything by Lupe is GENIUS.
Dice's picture

If I have to pick a song off of an album I probably would go with "Paris,Tokyo". I picked this one mainly because I like the story he told on it. The way he shows their relationship withstanding the stress of his travels was really cool. If I picked one off of his mixtapes then I would go with Pen & the Needles.
Bananza99's picture

Yeah Lupe! Dude, if i had to choose my favorite song of yours, I'd say... American Terrorist. The meaningful lyrics completely kill it. Can't wait for Food and Liquor 2!!!
bre1026's picture

"The Coolest" from The Cool album is my favorite Lupe song. I just love the story it tells. Lupe is just such a great storyteller. The words just have so much truth to them and I don't think I've ever heard any other rapper with that kind of talent. Same thing with "He say, She say", which is also one of my favorites.
Yousra's picture

The entire album is amazing. However, my personal favorite is "Coming Up." It reminds me of my little brother and the challenges he and I faced after our father passed away.
myselfandi's picture

The freestyle you did over Eminem's 8 mile song was superb... You should of been the owner of that track in my opinion. Now if you were to ask me my favorite song by you and you only, it would be The Cool, you checked off so many things in my mind that i thought high school was about, that it shaped the person i am today, so many fake things that people do and you opened me up to my realization with that song! Dumb it down is next.
Maryam Chowder's picture

"Hurt Me Soul" I am in love with this song only because the beat and "OUT OF THIS WORLD" lyrics combined, allow me to relate so well to not only the song lyrics, but Lupe Fiasco himself. I used to hate hip hop, yep because the woman degraded.
rickydayis007's picture

I have a big variety of Lupe favorites, ranging anything from Food & Liqour, to Abstract Artform and even Lupe the Gorilla. I love how hard he goes in Lupe the Gorilla, with all his lines in the first stanza saying 'do ya feel it?' That's my pump up jam. But I also love I'm beaming from Abstract Artmform. That's a song me and my girl always ride around to, and her and I both agree that it doesn't matter where her purse from or how her nails are did (as he states in this song). However, I really love Pressure with Jay-Z from Food and Liqour. All different styles of Lupe, all some of my favorites.
codenamev810's picture

"Little Weapon" is my favorite Lupe Fiasco song. It is so, because it points out a sever issue and is extremely clever while doing it. Plus the beat is awesome, and I was surprised to hear that Patrick Stump produced it. It is just an amazing song.

Little weapon is my favorite lupe song hands down! I have a friend from Sierra Leone and he is always talking about what it was like there and I feel Lupe is the only artist to hit on real subjects like this by blending international situations and bringing them to front street! Keep banging them out man, someone is bound to get that you are the best lyricist out there!
papo2121's picture

Til I get there is easily my favorite song on the album. Simply put, this song makes me think about all the effort I put on a daily basis into my classes at Rutgers. The chorus is catchy, yet deep. "Yeah i got flaws, I know I'm not perfect, but all ups and downs will soon be worth it." I think that this line defines exactly how I feel about hard work and it even gives me a little extra motivation during the hard times when I forget what I'm working towards. Another reason I love this song is because each verse ends on a sick rhyme and metaphor. My favorite metaphor has to be at the end of the second verse where you say, "Instead of green jello, and maybe chicken soup, they fed me magazine covers and video shoots." This line perfectly describes our society in today's world although there is only a select few who truly see it. I also like the way you ended the song by saying, "If you are afraid or fear that you gon' change some, all you gotta do is just remember where you came from." This line reminds me to stay humble no matter how much money I may or may not make in my lifetime. I always want to remember that I am from Brooklyn and that my parents worked hard to create a better life for me and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. All in all, this song just reminds me to work hard and to try to change the less desirable aspects of the world, exemplified by the title of the song, because there is a lot of work that we as a society can do to improve our harmony of life. If I ever become successful, rest assured it will be in part because of this song, not to mention L.A.S.E.R.S as a whole, and the message it delivered to my mind's eye.
Liv Hilton's picture

oh and forgot to mention that after concluding the show with that song, i got to meet you and it was awesomeeee, our photo came out great btw :)
ellie fiskio's picture

The Show Goes On because it really just shows how far Lupe has come and its actually really inspiring
cobaa's picture

{sunshine} will always and forever be my favourite song by any artist... its full of clever metaphores and the lyrics and beat are both so beautiful. I wish lu would sing it to me one day ;) love always shines everytime remember 2 smile
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rawker617's picture

My favorite song has GOT to be Little Weapon. The message and those snares give me the CHILLSSS.
esmenora's picture

BEAUTIFUL LASERS (2 WAYS) Why: Because IT's super personal AND deep AND I'M a NEW LASER :)


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