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Who Wants One?

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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


Reemsta's picture

Pick just ONE SONG? that is SO HARD!!!! Words I Never Said because I feel like for 10 years now muslims in america have been muted and given a bad name by shameful people..Lupe came out and finally said enough is enough and in a perfect monolouge to the world he annouces message after message all the EFFED UP situations that have been going on and why. Islamphobia, Isreal, voice has impacted millions of muslims all over the world, and for that I am forever greatful to him. This song was our breakthrough, he took the "mute" button off of us. Salam
Zoog21's picture

Hip Hop Saved Life, Lyrically one of the best songs I've ever heard, Lupe truly captured the essence of a rapper from Houston, his ability as a storyteller became known in this track
mr.presidente's picture

almost all of his songs because the truth cant be stopped or denied . "the coolest" has to be 1 of my favs. because its real and how hard he came in the song. I cant imagine a world without Lupe.
prettynickels's picture

Streets are on fire....because...the new weather burning feathers off everything flying.
thebluestgirl's picture

It's hard to pick just one song..... Kick Push - cuz of line" just a rebel looking for a place to be" i feel it, i can relate. and the beat delicious!
Mustafa_2's picture

Words I Never Said. Because its the most beautiful and meaningful song i have ever heard. Its all about the TRUTH and the TRUTH about ISLAM. You are a great muslim and so am i. I have always tears in my eyes if i listen to this song. You are the greatest and always will be the greatest. Much love LUPE!
BR3WCITY B4NG4's picture

My favorite Lupe song I Gotcha; that was the song that introduced me to him. The wordplay is crazy, the beat is dope and the video is on point.
MBlake27's picture

"I Gotcha" really solidified who were going to be as an weren't going to be a follower, but a Laser.
MadeOfModern's picture

"He Say She Say" As someone who has not seen his father since he was 2, this song hits me every time I listen to it. Beautiful song, stellar artist.
LOVEute's picture

GO baby - Lupe lyrically killed it , its catchy & its like a love story with a banging beat !
LaserB's picture

Either The Coolest or Little Weapon.
eazapata23's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song is American Terrorist off the Food & Liquor album. The reason is there is so much truth in that song and makes those who are easily blinded to open their eyes and realize the truth that is happening in the world.
THEOneandonly818's picture

THE FIGHTERS... Its just a beautiful song (period)... and of coarse the lyrics are amazing its LUPE!!
Astronaut's picture

The Show Goes On has to be one of my favorites because it gives power and enlightenment to the less fortunate.
Dues12's picture

If you're talking Lasers...fave has to be Till I get There - Divorced after 8 years and 2's become my theme song as I can relate to the overall theme, I find myself singing throughout the day "Yeah I got flaws, I know I'm not perfect, but all the ups and downs, will soon be worth it..." If you're talking anything by Lu ever...gotta go with Mean & many metaphors and double on double what he does with the second chorus is just WOW...and I'm beamin when my oldest (6) gives me that mean & vicious look as he says "hat to the left side." LOVE YOU LU!!!!!!!!!!!!
TSully's picture

I'm Beamin'. incredible lyrics and great message.
zmart33's picture

Words I Never Said because it varies so much from other hip hop artists, showing that they can be intellectual and voice a legit opinion on many topics as Lupe did
frodgy's picture

The show goes on.Have you ever had the feeling that you was being had Don’t that shit that make you mad They treat you like a slave, with chains all on your soul, and put whips up on your back, they be lying through they teeth hope you slip up off your path I don’t switch up I just laugh put my kicks up on they desk That has happened to me before and listening to this song, I followed Lupe and just laughed it off instead of thinking about it.
mattyb's picture

My favorite right now has to be Little Weapon. I love the beat and how an issue is addressed that almost no other rapper would ever address in song. Also, the fact it's an issue outside of the U.S., which it seems are the only issues most rappers would put in a song today. Shows how Lu is educated in matters all around the world.
Socore's picture

Conflict Diamonds, I think the song has a lot of meaning behind it. It speak volumes while having a sick beat and flow.
evaaselenaa's picture

My favorite Lupe Fiasco song is Words I Never Said because it speaks to me in a way I didn't think possible. It made me think about decisions I have made about letting people walk all over me and have their way and after listening to that song it gave me the strength to stand up for myself and not let the bullies get the best of me. Thank you.
Loo-PayFreak's picture

I love BEAUTIFUL LASERS, cause this song make me wanna stand up and do something. this song makes me happy again. this song make me fight agains the evil :D THIS SONG MADE A LASER OUT OF ME !
B Fred's picture

The Cool off of Food & Liquor This is my favorite song of his because it shows Lupes intelligent lyricism and his phenomenal story telling ability. This song also gave the foundation to one of the deepest albums i have ever listened to, The Cool. So when asked what my favorite Lupe Fiasco song is, the answer is easy. THE COOL!!
mayihvurattnplz's picture

shining down, makes me feel good every time I hear it.
QRobi's picture

The Die, because the flow is crazy, I love the storytelling aspect, and it's one of few songs that send the message that the fast life doesn't end well.
blahblah4118's picture

Sunshine/ The Instrumental (ft. Jonah Matranga)/ Kick, Push II Listened to em everyday on the drive to work... How can anyone pick just one lupe track??
Davy--Jones's picture

My favorite Lupe song is Little weapon. It tells a deep story about how heartless the children are because of the way they are raised. Its concious rap and its real and its my abolute favorite because not too many rappers care enough to rap about a subject like that. The intro kills!!! The beat is sick and the flow is soo creative. Above all, start to finish this is a great song!!!
Andres_2's picture

sunshine.. i have lyrics from it tattooed on my arm. reminds me of someone i love..
Nick's picture

Hurt Me Soul.... enough said
dbloch1's picture

My favorite Lupe song is American Terrorist because its a perfect example of how he can address incredibly complicated historical and social issues within the confines of a four and a half minute song. His talent for talking about political and intellectual issues while still having a masterful flow is amazing. And this song is just incredibly insightful and challenges the widespread notion that America is better than any other nation that we consider to be "terrorist states." It definitely opened my eyes and made me think, which is the biggest reason why I love Lupe's songs so much.


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