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  • Who Wants One?
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    May 11, 2011

    I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!

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Busy's picture
on May 11, 2011

I had Lu sign a bunch of lasers posters backstage @ Colbert Report the other day. So who wants one? All you have to do is sign-up to this site and leave a comment below with your favorite Lupe song and why. I'll pick five at random to win. Let's goooooo!


peteytakinitezy's picture

I bought Lupe's $50 dollar bundle, just saying. Lolz and my favorite song is with him and Skylar Grey "Words I Never Said."
BradenJ's picture

Hip-hop saved my life, besides lyrics and beat being amazing, it tells a great story about how hip hop can inspire people to work hard. Also shows that even with all the criticism that hip hop music gets it can actually be one of the most positive influences in someones life.
kinzball's picture

favorite all time is the instrumental cuz its just so sick. it flows so well and just has a great feel. but my favorite off lasers is probably i dont wanna care right now. its a good change of pace for lu.
armorin1022's picture

My favorite Lupe Song is Little Weapon. Lupe and Bishop G both have perfect verses. This song just really opens up my eyes to what's going on in some other countries about kid soldiers and then also, Bishop G's verse about Video Games and the reality that goes on in other countries is just amazing. This song really is an eye opener for a kid like me.
satownsfinest24's picture

Favorite Song: Hip Hop Saved My Life Reason: The story telling on that song is crazy! You can almost picture Lupe's words come to life with every lyric he spits and just envision the struggle of that aspiring artist in the song. The fact that he also talks about "Texas" my home state has that much more of an impact on me. Ive been a Lupe Fiasco fan since the beginning and it was tough to just choose one song as my favorite because all of his songs are FIRE! We need a Lupe Fiasco concert down here in San Antonio ASAP! #Lasers all day! Word!
sunshyne84's picture

"Dumb It Down" is my favorite because it's the first song that I really listened to and made me a Lupe fan. I loved how he responded to all the naysayers trying to make him change who he is as an artist and a person. I love even more that he sticks to hsi beliefs and brings us more eye opening songs like "Words I Never Said".
Jstate's picture

Much More and that's because he said my only enemy is my inner me and that right there is the realest quote i live by. you should only be in a battle with yourself
dropkickrich's picture

Gotta Eat. It showcases Lupe's incredible lyrical abilities, plus I just enjoy the memory of when it dawned on me that it could be about food as well.
Dionkey's picture

All Black Everything, it really expresses Lupes intelligence and shows how corrupt our world is, real shit unlike most of Hip Hop nowadays.
Y.C.'s picture

My favourite Lupe song ever ... is "He Say, She Say". When I heard that song the first time, it was almost like my story. My dad left us and never came back. I don't know anything and I had so many things to say to him. Untill now, I always listen to the song and see myself in that. It shows me not to become like him and to be a much better father to my childrens. On Lasers it is "Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways)", because to my girlfriend that I love. She showed me that their is true love in this world and I love her ... specially when I heard this line from the song "My heart been broke for a while, Yours been the one keeping me alive" I knew LASERS is my generation of thought. Thank you Lupe for everything, I role with you since the mixtapes from Farenheit untill your albums and now this new generation. We are not Losers ... we are LASERS ;) FNF UP Peace & Much Love
ClutchNuggets's picture

Favorite Song: Little Weapon Why: Because it speaks about a problem that the general public doesn't know about. People using children as weapons. Kids with guns, kids in the city, kid soldiers in Africa, and kids in shooting up schools.
dvdrizzo16's picture

All black everything because it can bring you to a different place!!!!!
Robbie's picture

My favorite song by Lupe Fiasco is Daydreamin'. It's a nostalgic type of a song, it's catchy & the lyricism is great. It's like a summer song you can just kick back and listen to it. It's awesome that Lupe can have a song like that, then drop other more serious songs. It's a great mix.
raphiD's picture

Kick Push II...the reason...kick push II is a very inspirational song to me and has taught me that just because i am surrounded my negative things..does not mean that i cant be the positive in the midst of the negative influences...and to really appreciate my life and friends..because when my family isnt acting like a family..its always my friends that hold me down.
Aloft0770's picture

"The Show Goes On" because its the SHOW and the music video is SICK!
McCall's picture

-Dumb it Down- Hands down best one. It not only is TRUTHFUL, the Metaphors really pack a punch. David Blaine, make it rain, make a boat, I make a plane Then I pull the plug and I make it drain Until I feel like flowing and filling it up again -McCall
takethesechances23's picture

My favorite song is "Intruder Alert" because of the story it tells. I may not have been through similar experiences as the song expresses, but the emotions in the song are so real. The music and the lyrics are beautifully simple. One of the things I appreciate most about Lupe is his ability to be honest in his lyrics and tell a story even when the listener my not hear it at first. He is a diverse lyricist and this is one of my favorite examples of that.
Bootzilla86's picture

Too many to pick one, top three off the top of my head are: Real- good message, vicious lyrics, nice beeat The Cool- I love the story telling of it, I see the story in my head when I listen to it. i love the...I was about to quote my favorite line, but its all too good. I'm Beaming- love the message! the video is tight. the beat is where its at.
Ewall's picture

I want one. How can I get it?
Anthony Struck's picture

CHECK THIS SONG I WROTE I SWEAR TO GOD IMMA MAKE IT CHI TOWN! chor this is my life, ive made my MIND UP signed up for this RIDE WAS ready for whats LINED UP this is my life, ive made my MIND UP chose the path less traveled tearin down each warning SIGN UP this is my life, ive made my MIND UP im already half way up the toughest side to CLIMB UP this is my life, ive made my MIND UP ya this is my life, so im who I TRUST v1 this is my life n im lovin every minute finally my time to shine, now just for sum recognition everyones betting against me so im shovin every chip in cuz little do they know anthony strucks that one in a billion i was stuck n empty feelin like, fuck it imma kill him then i seen this preminition i was drunk n spendin millions tacklin the game dont need to summon kevin williams cuz chances are youll crash like sets of drums wit seven cymbals im sumthin like a pilgrim, this reservations mine whats insides been fixed up time to restorate the shine confidence is risin high as elevatin rhymes youll neva bend or break my stride its hella devestation time i could smell a hataz lie, you could tell first place is mine before the revelation you will see this separation bind neva eva traced a line so imma sell this great design well you say im crazy right? i guess john wayne gacys alive v2 ya im on the come up n guess what, yall cant stop this n ya i write my own shit, fuck a telepromter consider this a dialect, whos grammars improper? one day imma buy a jet flown in by helicoptor bust my stones ill rock ya youll dread it like a rasta rockstar in the making, im just waitin on the lifestyle catchin up wit my dream like im chasin down a fat girl; if you take offense to that, well go swim some laps girl im doin wat they wish they could, thats why they hatin me thats ok ya bitch im good, no need to make a scene i wouldnt change a thing because, all the hatin makes me famous they sit there n make shit up, while i make arrangements ..couldnt fit last 4 lines!!
Robbie's picture

Superstar is my favorite song by Lupe Fiasco. The reason? it's catchy & the lyricism is great. Anything by Lupe is mad good.
Zee's picture

Hurts Me Soul. I love the introspective contemplation on the state of hip hop embodied in that song.
jworkin's picture

Hard to choose just one, but "Daydreamin'" is probably my all-time fav. Great lyrics, great hook, great everything.
mmz661's picture

hip hop saved my life!!! its the perfect story of a rap star who tries hard to get out of the hood and in the end he ends up going back to his old ways! it kinda shows how hard it is to be an artist in this day an age the fast pace McDonald world we live in!
miss_liza's picture

all time fav lupe song has got to be hurt me soul...incredible lyrics...great flow...and the meaning behind the song is amazing! honorary mention: intruder alert-
An-G's picture

fave song= kick push II .. love it cuz it reminds me of good times. before i knew my fiance would be my fiance, we'd ride around bumpin lupe and skating around town. Now we're doing it all over again! you thank for push kick ;)
eightyfour's picture

Beautiful Lasers (2ways) when I heard that song performed live in Dallas,TX it really moved me, gave me hope that if someone such as Lupe goes through these trials and tribulation but come out in top of this struggle than there is hope for myself and others. If it wasn't for that song I honestly wouldn't be alive right now, at one point of my life I attempted to take my own life. These words these, these lyrics really guided me through my darkest hours such as music did for Lupe. - John 1st&15th FNF!
thiggins814's picture

Gotta be a tie between "Little Weapon" and "Words I never Said." The music and meaningful lyrics in both of these songs are awesome!
Padell's picture

Hurt Me Soul is his best song (even though all of them are great) because he speaks the truth, and nobody else has the guts to do that. People can also relate to what he's saying in this song.
gmac's picture

SUPERSTAR most def.. very inspiring and always hypes me up


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