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Sneak Peak: When I Was 17 x Lupe Fiasco

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Busy's picture
on April 01, 2011

Airs tomorrow morning 4/2 @ 11am EST on MTV. Don't miss it!


koffyHipHoplovingBrown's picture

cute. :)
mspeelicious's picture

I enjoyed at he had a vision of not paying for food ever! I love this man!
Wordplay's picture

My man say life aint easy, when niggas gotta eat, thats when shit get greasy. :D
I__SawDay's picture

I JUST WATCHED IT!!! i wish showed up to that Restaurant when you worked there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MysticVirgo's picture

Awww, can't wait to see this.
MizShuffles's picture

Hehe lucky he isn't phat...i mean fat :) Good skills Lupe
Irene♥'s picture

how cute...haha & I like how he decided get the rest of his deserved pay in dude?
Santana's picture

Can't wait!
boomboom988's picture

Lupe you inspired me to write this... "Underwarter Vison" Things r getting so blurry feel like i got underwater vision, Searching for the surface but all i c is these fishes, Keeping me under this water is their only mission, So I'm beyond the position of thoughts, hopes, & wishes, There in the water with my blurry vision, i have a premonition, focus on the prize and my intuition, without a moments notice... huh clear vision. Let me know what y'all think... "stay floating" mb
badtzmaru's picture

hohoh im going to watch this 8D

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